‘Treasure chest’ of classic cars found stateside

The tongues of the automobile press have been set wagging by a remarkable discovery in a barn located in the United States. Billy Eubanks has recently lifted the lid on his obsession with motor vehicles which has lasted the best part of a lifetime.

A man who appears to be a very private individual has flung the doors of his barn open to reveal the beauties which have been waiting in storage. Billy has purchased and restored some of the most iconic machines out there, before largely leaving them in the peace and solitude of his barn.

Included on the mouth-watering list are the likes of a Plymouth Superbird, a range of ‘big block’ Chevrolets, a Dodge Daytona and a L82 Corvette. Classic car buffs can also prick up their ears at the other finds, which feature such gems as a 1929 Stutz, 1969 Ford Torino Talladega and DeTomaso Pantera.

Billy certainly hasn’t turned his nose up at European motors, however, and his stable of vehicles also includes an area which is entirely dedicated to that iconic British car manufacturer, Jaguar. He has been sitting on a MKII saloon, XK140 and E-type V12 for all these years.

What’s his favourite? There is not a doubt in Billy’s mind – it’s the white Chevrolet Corvette.

Billy told Auto Classics his story of the vehicle: “I was working at the Chevrolet dealership and this Corvette got traded in. It got stolen one time. Mama drove it to work one night and she didn’t get the [immobilizer] switch cut off right and somebody stole it.”

He continued: “It upset me so bad that I prayed to the Lord that he’d give it back to me by the weekend or give me the understanding to handle the problem. It worried me to death. But that Friday night, the law from the nearby town said he had a Corvette racer. They had got it out in the woods. The thieves had jerked it so hard they pulled three spark plugs off the left side when it broke the motor mount. I drove it home on five cylinders. I didn’t know why it was driving like that, I was just tickled to get it back.”

For anyone with their eyes on buying the vehicles which Billy has been lovingly keeping – that doesn’t look possible any time soon as viewing the collection is permitted by invite only.

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