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General Tire Grabber AT2 tyres

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  • Designed to increase tread life.
  • Innovative tread design promotes uncompromising off road traction.
The All Terrain 2's computer optimised tread pattern enhances off-road and wet traction capabilities. Boasting exceptional traction over all terrain and aggressive self-cleaning capabilities, the All Terrain 2 lives up to its name. With good handling in snowy conditions, this tyre offers a lot for its price.

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Grabber AT2 Reviews

A long wearing tyre is the best i could say about this otherwise poor grip in the dry and hardly any grip in the wet tyre. In snow or worse still on hard packed snow or ice theses tyres have almost no grip. They are also at 235/85/16 very bouncy, give no feedback, handle badly as the dampers cant control these large profile tyres on poor road surfaces, even pot holes on a bend. I would avoid any General Grabber tyres now and go for the tyre that has the best performance for its size going by the tyre label (Europe). Forums with various opinions are useless as they are not usually based on any scientific or tested results but just opinions by drivers.
CompareTyres user 2023
Travelled 66000k's, pulled a van for 30000k's, roughly 85% highway and the balance dirt.They still have a few thousand k's left. Reasonably quiet and comfortable ride with good braking in all conditions. Will definately replace with same brand because of good preformance and reasonably god price.
CompareTyres user 2023
I have these tyres fitted to a Nissan Qashqai 4x4. They are used all year round for a combination of country and city driving. In the dry they feel better than the Continentals which were originally fitted to the car, though they have a definite best working temperature range of around 5 - 15 degrees C. Above 15 degrees they begin to feel very soft and overheat which can be seen from the discoloration in the sidewalls. In the wet, these things are just dangerous.....they provide next to no wet grip, leaving the vehicle under-steering even at reduced speeds. Disappointing as i previously had a set fitted to a VW Touareg which were brilliant, perhaps the smaller tyre size does not suit them. Mud/Snow - again disappointing, still great offroad and in muddy fields though not as infallible as they felt on the Touareg. In the snow, they offer good grip for driving forward. You wont get stuck, but you also wont get round a corner... They now have around 15000 miles on them from a combination of summer and winter driving and show very little sign of tread wear which is a plus. I wont be buying again.
CompareTyres user 2023