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Compare Tyres is the first website to compare van and truck tyre prices. Perfect for your business, find the cheapest tyres from big brands such as Bridgestone, Continental and every brand in between, including budget & non-branded. Start below, enter your van details and find the cheapest UK tyres.

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Van tyres from all the biggest names in the industry - they can fit at your place of work, or nearest garage. Names like Blackcircles, etyres, Kwik Fit, Halfords, National, ATS Euromaster and more. Make sure to get the best cheap online tyre prices possible by comparing the costs of your next set of van tyres.

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How is a van tyre different to a car tyre?

Unlike car tyres, a van has a heavier load and therefore the tyres will have been designed to take this into account. Remember that vans often drive longer distances than regular cars, so they need to have better load handling especially on corners.

You will probably need specific van tyres for your vehicle – best to check the manual first, just to be sure. Van tyres come with enhanced sidewalls to be able to withstand additional weight and are designed to be used for stop-start delivery type journeys too. What's more they will also be suitable for long distance motorway journeys and all weather conditions. In general they are a strong, capable type of road tyre. They go through a lot of stress and your business relies on the tyres as much as the vehicle itself.

Making sure your van has legal tread on the tyres is extremely important. You may overlook them, but beware the false economy. A call-out from an emergency breakdown will end up costing your business a lot more.

Which type of tyre is best for my van...?

Here at Compare Tyres we stock a huge range of tyres for vans, from high-end brands like Pirelli to lower end budget options. Most importantly, we compare van prices so that you don't need to check each individual website yourself - you probably have a business to run after all! Use our business to help your business. We specialise in aggregating tyre prices for vans, across the UK.

Fitted at your place of work or on your staff's driveway, or you can take your company van into a local garage nearby and have your new tyres fitted while you wait.

How to compare van tyre prices:

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  3. You'll automatically be presented with price comparisons for each make of tyre.
  4. These are all suited to your van's fitment and vehicle type

If you prefer to just browser by brand and know what you're looking for then why not select our top sizes? Some of the most commonly-used tyres in the UK in terms of size are: 205/55 R16, 215/55 R16, and the most common as of 2024 is 175/65 R13.