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CompareTyres is the original UK tyre price comparison website. Comparing the latest prices on car tyres saves you money - from Bridgestone to Pirelli and everything in between. If you are looking to compare prices before buying then make sure to check CompareTyres first.

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CompareTyres checks prices from Black Circles, Etyres, Kwik-Fit, Camskill, National, ATS Euromaster and more - all day, every day. Make sure to get the cheapest possible price by comparing the price of your next set of tyres.

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Compare prices for fitted tyres online with us. We check over 25,000 tyre prices every hour of the day! Arrange fitting where and when it suits you, our service is 100% free and independent. You buy your tyres through the retailer directly, we only compare prices but you order direct.

Fitted directly at your house, or in the local tyre centre - it's entirely up to you. Order your next set of tyres but make sure to use a price comparison service like CompareTyres first.

It has taken us over 4 months of constant development and R&D to create a tailored wheels & tyres price finder for the UK. We aren't just using another run of the mill solution used by generic sites like Kelkoo - it was in fact pioneered by us in-house, and not available at other websites; so you can be sure that the prices you see here are accurate and up-to-date. Nobody else uses our price-finding engine!

Where to start? Make sure you check out these types on finding the best prices for tyres.

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  • Enter your vehicle registration number
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  • You'll automatically be presented with price comparisons for each make of tyre.

If you prefer to just browser by brand and know what you're looking for then why not select our top sizes? Some of the most commonly-used tyres in the UK in terms of size are: 205/55 R16, 215/55 R16, and the most common as of 2019 is 175/65 R13.

How do I compare tyre prices?

Fill out your registration number for the vehicle(s) that you want to find tyres for. We will then find your vehicle for you. However if you prefer, you can also search by tyre size directly.

Alternatively if you prefer to search by car make (e.g by vehicle) then this is also possible.

Do you fit locally?

Our partners fit across the UK - we do not fit any tyres ourselves, we only compare prices from our partners to bring you the cheapest costs. Start now by entering your reg plate in the form above to compare prices for tyres in the UK.

Our partners fit across the UK every day even on Sundays usually. Depending on where you are located in the UK, for example as the North East, London, or the South East for example, our tyre partners come to you directly. If you prefer to go to their garage for fitting this is also possible - whatever you prefer.

Top cities and towns for tyre fitting via CompareTyres: Maidstone, Salford, Chesterfield, Leeds, Cardiff.