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    Potholes, Potholes and More Potholes March 18th, 2013 Kieran CompareTyres Castleford says If you have been following the news lately you will see that it is estimated it will cost 12 billion pounds over 10 years to get our roads back to some sort of order. If you take the roads around Castleford they are no different  to any where else in the country. Some times it is impossible to avoid these potholes as there are so many, especially becoming harder to see at night or when its raining. Simple advice is if you go over a pothole check your tyres for damage especially on the inside where it can damage the side wall and you wont see it. If you are unsure ask us at CompareTyres Castleford to come and check your tyres, only recently we have attended a number of vehicles with flat or damaged tyres.  At CompareTyres Castleford we stock every size and make of tyres so you are assured of the correct tyres to fit your car and budget. Don’t get caught out check your car tyres at least once a week to ensure you are safe to drive.

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