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Pirelli P ZERO NERO 215/45 R17 91Y

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About the Pirelli P ZERO NERO

Information on the tyre:


The characteristic feature of Pirelli P Zero Nero is the asymmetric tread and the high quality . Pirelli’s tyres guarantee precise cornering with no loss of grip. The product retains its best performance even during a dynamic driving style. Its major advantage is the very attractive design , which is essential for true automotive enthusiasts.  P Zero Nero tyres features silica and a carbon black enhanced tread compound moulded into a subtle wide rib tread design to increase the rigidity of the tread. This resists deformation and enhances the grip and steering response on a variety of road surfaces while enhancing resistance to irregular wear and generating low noise levels. The tyre retains all characteristics, even at high temperatures.


The asymmetric tread pattern allows the tyre to maintain a high level of stability even in case of sudden manoeuvres. The tread design makes the braking distance as short as possible. There is an excellent cooperation between a car and a tyre when it comes to rapid starting and acceleration.  The unique Pirelli design also ensures excellent performance on a wet surface. To enable this, there are four wide circumferential grooves, which drain water from the centre of the tyre to its edges. The shape of the tyre tread completely minimises aquaplaning.


Pirelli P Zero Nero is a product of the highest quality that guarantees a great comfort of driving. Its quietness inside the vehicle is a definite benefit Pirelli P Zero Nero tyres are fitted as standard in car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Ford, Jaguar, Lancia, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Seat. 


Pirelli is one of the most exclusive manufacturers of Ultra High Performance tyres. The Italian company was established in 1872. It is the 5th largest tyre manufacturer in the world . The proof of the Pirelli tyres highest quality is their appearance at the 2012 Formula 1 races

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