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Pirelli Scorpion ZERO 255/55 R19 111V

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About the Pirelli Scorpion ZERO

Information on the tyre:

Pirelli SCORPION ZERO is a summer high premium tyre. It is designed for 4x4 vehicles . Pirelli is a renowned manufacturer of exclusive high-performance tyres. Pirelli SCORPION ZERO is an Ultra High Performance tyre, characterised by high strength. Its modern tread pattern ensures high efficiency, even in wet conditions and snowy roads. It is designed with fast and dynamic driving in mind.


The Pirelli SCORPION ZERO tyres use an innovative tread compound designed with modern computer technology.  A complex blend of rubber with a silicon component was used in production . The material retains sufficient flexibility and resilience even at high temperatures. A compound also improves traction on wet roads. To improve safety on wet roads, the Pirelli SCORPION ZERO has been equipped with a special system of grooves that ensures an efficient drainage of the tread. Three broad circumferential channels and transverse grooves channel the water out of the footprint, so that the tyre has direct contact with the ground . Even when driving in deep puddles, Pirelli SCORPION ZERO guarantees precise control and immediate braking response.


The pattern also minimises the risk of aquaplaning. Pirelli engineers have taken great care for a better balance. A large surface ensures optimum pressure distribution. The result is even tread wear and lower rolling resistance. Extensive, Z-shaped blocks in the central part of the tread, provide precise control. Even at high speeds, they ensure efficient communication between the road and the steering. Shoulders fulfil the stabilising function. Thanks to these, the car retains grip even during fast cornering. An additional advantage of Pirelli SCORPION ZERO is a high level of ride comfort . Special sipes on the shoulders reduce vibration and noise. 


Pirelli SCORPION ZERO was designed for large passenger cars with four-wheel drive and high power engines. It is recommended for drivers who appreciate fast, high-performance driving. Pirelli SCORPION ZERO is suitable for wide rims made of light alloys. Their purposes are mainly for asphalt roads however they also perform well in off-road conditions such as sandy and gravel tracks. The manufacturer ensures appropriate behaviour in mild winter conditions. 

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