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Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 225/40 R18 92Y

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Michelin Pilot Sport 2 is designed for racetracks but it has also been approved for use on roads. Thus, it allows its users to easily achieve the highest speeds and, at the same time, maintain high driving precision. It is worth mentioning that the tyre was created thanks to Michelin’s experience in Formula 1.

Michelin Pilot Sport 2 stands for true sporty nature and aggressive driving which will please any high performance lover. Another very important fact is that the speeds the tyre is capable of does not mean that any compromise is made in terms of driving comfort or safety. Regardless of what speeds are obtained, Pilot Sport 2 gives optimum grip on dry surfaces. The designers have managed to obtain this thanks to the rubber compound with a high molecular weight in the external section of the tread. However, this is not everything that the tyre has to offer. Driving precision and the optimum steerability are ensured by the rubber compound used in the external part, which employs Bi-Compound technology, and the wider bottom part for a better lateral stiffness. What is also important, the compound used in the tyre allows for improved endurance, which enables the reduced wear of the tread. The tyre offers maximum safety. The extended depth of the tread pattern guarantees a better grip on a wet surface and during a heavy rainfall. A very important aspect is also that a continuous contact with the road, even at high speeds, is ensured by the use of durable aramid bracing and the Track Variable Constant Patch 3.0 technology. This is responsible for the even distribution of pressure over the entire road contact area.

Michelin was founded in 1889 by two brothers: André and Edouard Michelin. With the long-lasting tradition and innovative technologies, Michelin is presently one of the world leaders in the tyre industry. Michelin is also a majority shareholder of such brands as Taurus, Riken, Siamtyre, Tigar, Warrior, Kormoran, Recamic, Kleber, Euromaster and BFGoodrich.

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