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Michelin is a French tyre manufacturer that has been producing high-quality tyres for over 120 years. The company has a strong presence in the UK... says...

Michelin LATITUDE CROSS is a summer premium class tyre designed for cars with 4-wheel drive. Thanks to the modern design solutions model, Latitude Cross excels not only in off-road, but also provides a comfortable ride in city conditions.  The tyre was built with a Terrain Proof compound, which in its composition, resembles the compound used in the construction of industrial tyres. Properties of the material used for the production of Michelin LATITUDE CROSS makes the model abrasion resistant. Thanks to the even distribution of pressure across the tyre, the tread wears out slowly and steadily. This allows you to use the tyre throughout the model’s longevity at it’s full performance. 


The asymmetric tread of two independent parts ensures good performance on both dry and wet surfaces. The wide grooves quickly channel water allowing fast tread drying and resistance to aquaplaning. All this has a positive effect on security and stability. The designers also took care of the acoustic comfort of the driver and passengers.  The Silent Tread Design technology, which is based on an innovative shape of the tread blocks, definitely helps to achieve this. The curved tread block arrangement ensures that the tyre and the road make contact progressively which dampens the sound during rolling. As a result, driving on Michelin LATITUDE CROSS is a quiet and pleasant experience. The model is an ideal solution for drivers who expect reliability from their summer tyres, an excellent performance on each type of road and safety during driving. 


Michelin is one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. The company supplies the market with premium tyres featured with the highest quality, comfort of use and extended exploitation longevity . Michelin includes brands such as Kleber, BFGoodrich, Riken, Warrior, Taurus, Tigar, Euromaster, Recamic, Cormorant and Saimtyre. The history of the French company, whose creators were André and Edouard Michelin, dates back to 1889. 

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Latitude Cross Reviews

I'm just about to get 2 new front tyres for my landcruiser after 65000 miles.. These tyres are a superb compromise. Excellent on the road, wet or dry. Excellent in standing water. Quite impressive off the road too. Combine Toyotas 4 wheel drive system with these, and I reckon you'd go almost anywhere another vehicle with A/Ts would go. Add to that the tyre wear which is also impressive. My rear tyres still have 5-6mm of tread left... The front is getting 2 new latitude cross' next week
CompareTyres user 2023
I put a full set of these on my RAV4 - they outlasted the car! Ok, I only got 30,000 miles out of the car before it's gearbox blew, £3,000 or scrap it for trade in value against a new Tuscon. The saddest part was saying goodbye to the tyres. They had nearly 6mm left on them (I swapped them round regularly for even wair). Not once was I able to provoke the part time 4x4 system into action, even in heavy snow and rain. When I did off road they were brilliant. I was at a county show in a quagmire, had gone through the wrong entrance, and was told not to go further. It prevailed a sheer muddy bank traversing for half a mile - people just stood and stared. Everything else that followed had to be pulled out by tractor! Sorely tempted to put a set on my new Tuscan when the time comes.
CompareTyres user 2023
I bought these to replace some ageing Bridgestone Duelers on my L200 2004. A bit of a gamble just going on mostly good reviews. The difference is night and day. I have a shed that's down a reasonably steep field. In even slightly wet conditions the Bridgestones would loose traction trying to get back up, the Michelins just drive straight out even in the appalling wet we've had recently. I was already pleased with them, today I needed to taxi a district nurse around North Cornwall in the chaos after "The beast from the East" and they performed brilliantly in heavy snow and sheet ice. Apart from being very slightly noisier than the Duelers for about £140 more for a set they are worth every penny. Absolutely excellent!
CompareTyres user 2023