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Goodyear Excellence 275/45 R18 103Y

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About the Goodyear Excellence

Tyre details: The Goodyear EXCELLENCE offers maximum driving performance and unsurpassed driving comfort, as well as guaranteeing superlative grip on wet roads and driving precision, even during challenging and unexpected weather conditions. The tyre's main benefits include outstanding performance on wet roads, since it is manufactured using a special polymer compound which offers superb tyre-to-road adhesion. This improves drivability and steerability, as well as ensuring even tread wear. The innovative compound used to manufacture the tyre improves mileage performance and makes it possible to benefit from a full range of performance values throughout the tyre's lifetime. The tyre is the ideal choice for drivers who enjoy driving at fast speeds, since the shoulder stabilisers ensure directional precision when going round corners. The even distribution of forces acting on the tyre improves handling and responsiveness to the driver's movements,

and the noise-optimised tread makes driving a real pleasure. The tyre not only delivers driving comfort and maximum performance, but also helps to cut fuel consumption, resulting in lower rolling resistance and therefore reduced atmospheric CO2 emissions and cost savings. The Goodyear EXCELLENCE is the ideal tyre for the varied weather conditions encountered during Polish summers, and the model delivers superb handling both in cities and on longer journeys.

Goodyear is the third largest tyre and rubber manufacturer in the world. The group was founded back in 1898, when it started producing not only tyres, but also bicycles and rubber pads for horseshoes in a factory in Akron in the US state of Ohio. The brands owned by Goodyear include: Dębica, Dunlop, Fulda and Sava. The group owns 85 production facilities in 28 countries and employs around 90,000 people around the world. The tyres which currently leave the production lines in Goodyear's manufacturing facilities are intended for passenger cars, lorries, industrial vehicles, vans, racing vehicles and aircraft.

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