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Goodyear DuraGrip 175/65 R14 82H

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About the Goodyear DuraGrip

Information on the tyre:

Durability, low fuel consumption and excellent grip are the main advantages of the Goodyear DURAGRIP summer tyres. The model was designed for city and family cars , so it is well suited to various urban conditions. The tyre will delight drivers who pay special attention to fuel consumption - thanks to these tyres, it will significantly decrease. This is due to low rolling resistance, which is achieved by the even distribution of pressure on the tyre surface and lightweight rubber compound applied to the production. 


With an asymmetrical tread tyre, it quickly channels the water away and resists aquaplaning. The innovative arrangement of the grooves gives an excellent grip on dry and wet surfaces and significantly decreases the risk of skidding. Goodyear’s 3D-BIS Technology® increases rubber-to-road contact for improved handling. The asymmetric tread pattern features a stiff shoulder area to help you corner with confidence . Goodyear Duragrip also means quiet and comfortable driving. The unique design of the model makes the tyre absorb the sounds emitted whilst moving, so that even ordinary driving is a pleasure. In maintaining an adequate comfort system, it also helps the tread and its blocks which are optimised for volume reduction of the sound produced. Drivers will be satisfied with the tyres who appreciate not only great technical parameters and reliability, but also security on any type of surface and grip during any weather condition.


Goodyear is an American company, which is the third largest tyres and semi-finished rubber production company in the world. In addition to its own brand, Goodyear also manages Fulda, Sava, Dunlop and Debica. Goodyear has 85 plants in 28 countries. Employment in the company currently reaches around 90,000 people. The company supplies the market premium tyres characterised by the highest quality and maximum performance .

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