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Dunlop SP Street Response 2 175/65 R14 82T

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About the Dunlop SP Street Response 2

Type: summer tyre.

Tread pattern: asymmetric – that pattern allows you to achieve a very good grip on both dry and wet conditions and guarantees stability in the corners.

Class: premium – highest quality tyre, which is characterized by the best performance.

Purpose: cars.

Sizes: from 13 to 15 inches.

The Dunlop SP Streetresponse 2 is the new Dunlop tyre for the summer season 2014. Characteristic features of this model are short braking distances on wet and dry surfaces, very good grip (especially on dry roads), and also low rolling resistance. That last feature means that the car has a lower demand for fuel.

Short braking distance on wet and dry roads is due to numerous transverse grooves placed on the tread surface. Very good traction on wet road the tyre owes dual circumferential grooves, that evacuate water quickly and efficiently. Dunlop’s internal tests show that the tire is characterized by 6% shorter braking distance on wet roads and 4% shorter braking distance on dry roads in comparison with the predecessor (Dunlop SP Streetresponse).

Dunlop SP Streetresponse 2 has a new, lighter design so that it adheres to the surface better. This factor also helps the tyre to achieve shorter braking distances and demonstrating greater resistance to aquaplaning. What is more, a large number of edges of the tread guarantees traction and short braking distances on dry surface, and the wide central rib makes the performance can be observed not only on the straight road, but also in the corners. This model is available with three and four ribs. 4-rib structure is present in the following sizes: 185/60 R14 82T, 195/70 R14 91T, 195/65 R15 95T XL, 195/65 R15 91T.

Dunlop is known in the world, a first-class tyre manufacturer. The company was founded in 1888 and since then it is one of the most recognizable tyre companies on the market. The brand became famous for the invention of a pneumatic tire. Dunlop belongs to the American company Goodyear, which also owns the companies such as: Dębica, Sava or Fulda.

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