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Dunlop SP Sport 01 235/50 R18 97V

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About the Dunlop SP Sport 01

Tyre details: The Dunlop SP Sport 01 offers outstanding performance and a pleasant drive in any road and weather conditions. The tyre's asymmetric tread is divided into three independent zones responsible for different features, such as resistance to aquaplaning, driving comfort and sporty performance. The cutting-edge silica-enhanced compound used to manufacture the tyre improves grip on wet roads, and the specially profiled tread blocks guarantee the rapid dispersal of water from under the tyre. The Dunlop SP Sport 01 has been designed to cancel out the most irritating audible frequencies and therefore delivers a quiet and comfortable drive in any conditions, whereas the tread pattern has been designed for even wear in order to improve mileage performance and driving comfort.

By preventing heat build-up and maintaining its shape even in extreme conditions, the tyre offers superb handling at high speed as well as precision in negotiating corners and greater stability during dynamic, sporty manoeuvres. The tyre features a number of innovations which improve both the performance and the safety of the Dunlop SP Sport 01. These include the rim protection system, which is located on the tyre's sidewall and creates a protective buffer zone to prevent mechanical damage to the rim such as edge wear.

Dunlop is among the brands which belong to the US-owned Goodyear Group, and is particularly well-known for its successes in the field of motor sports. Dunlop was the official tyre supplier for the British Touring Car Championship between 2003 and 2006, and also supplies tyres for the 8 Supercars Championship. The company specialises in high-performance tyres (HP and UHP) which deliver outstanding handling during sports and dynamic driving. Dunlop tyres are popular among both drivers and specialists, as can be seen from the many successes achieved by the brand in independent tyre tests.

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