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Continental PremiumContact 6 Contisilent 215/45 R17 87Y

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About the Continental PremiumContact 6 Contisilent

The Continental Premium Contact 6 is a summer tyre designed for passenger vehicles. The model is the successor to the very successful ContiPremiumContact 5, partial successor to ContiSportContact 5 (SportContact 6 is also available) and is one of the flagship models of the German brand. These premium tyres offer superbly balanced performance to ensure a perfect blend of comfort and sporty grip.

The model was equipped with an asymmetric tread pattern to provide excellent control over the car and high comfort. The model responds quickly to any manoeuvres, resulting in about 3% better car handling as compared to the ContiSportContact 5 (not to be confused with PremiumContact 5).

The Continental PremiumContact 6 offers a sporty driving experience in all cars it is fitted to. The shoulder design (the side area), together with the tyre tread, maximalises grip even at high speeds.

Like its predecessors, the Continental PremiumContact 6 provides very short braking distances on wet roads. The German company’s engineers have designed a compound that has no equal in harsh weather conditions. On the European label, the model was rated "A" in terms of grip on wet roads.

The Continental PremiumContact 6 rubber compound means not only good grip, but also low rolling resistance and better wear resistance. Specialists from Continental have developed a solution that extends tyre mileage to up to 15% and reduces noise level by about 10% (compared to its predecessor).

Information on the manufacturer:

It is important to know that the Continental tyres each year are ranked top positions in tyre tests carried out by leading organisations and automotive magazines, and that the group is among of the leaders of the tyre market. Buying Continental tyres, you can sure that you will become the owner of premium quality tyres.

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