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Bridgestone Dueler 687 235/60 R16 100H

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About the Bridgestone Dueler 687

Bridgestone H/T 687 is a premium class summer designed for 4-wheel drive automobiles. It ensures high driving comfort, safety and maximum performance. The tyre has a symmetrical tread pattern, designed with the help of computer technology. Three optimised tread grooves and profiled edges ensure the speedy evacuation of water and effective drying of the tyre. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning and ensures a safe drive even in adverse weather conditions. During rainy weather the dispersion of water is carried out by a system of circumferential and lateral grooves.

The rounded profile of Bridgestone H/T 687 provides a smooth and stable drive, while optimally distributed grooves in the tread block, situated in the central part of the tyre, improve grip on wet roads. Specially shaped tread blocks evenly distribute pressure acting on the tyre. This makes the wearing process of the tyre slow and uniform, allowing you to enjoy all operational parameters of the tyre longer, without worrying about driving safety and comfort. A double steel belt installed inside the tyre increases the strength of the tyre and its performance during fast, dynamic drives. The model features O-Bead technology, which optimises the shape of the tyre bead. This solution improves the contact between the tyre edge and the wheel rim. Bridgestone H/T 687 is made of a new rubber compound with increased resistance to mechanical damage and excellent durability. As a result, the tyre performs very well during heavy use.

Bridgestone is an Asian company, which owns over 100 manufacturing facilities around the world. In addition to their own brand, the company supplies tyres of various brands, including Firestone, Road King, Seiberling, Peerless, Dayton and Gillette. Bridgestone was established in 1931.

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