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Avon Tyres have been manufacturing tyres for over 100 years at its factory in Melksham, Wiltshire. All Avon products are designed, developed and tested here... says...

The Avon ZX7 is a high performance 4x4 tyre, developed for medium to large SUVs.

Avon's ZX7 has been designed with a unique asymmetric tread pattern, which has been constructed to handle the weight of large vehicles, without compromising on performance levels.

With 3D sipes, the Avon ZX7 is quick to warm up and capable of delivering strong traction when driving in wet conditions.

Noise levels have been reduced in the ZX7 by the use of Noise Dampening Structures within the tread pattern - which work to break up and lower noise.

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ZX7 Reviews

Just completed the first 1000 miles on these tyres. I'm very impressed with every aspect of these tyres. These are quieter, more comfortable and provide a fantastic feel whilst driving, very smooth. The feed back whilst steering is superb, incredibly precise and sharp to the point where I actually over steered for the first few miles until I got used to the fact that they were so precise with no roll or wallow round corners or roundabouts. These have a slightly older fashioned pattern on the tread so if that's your kind of thing then your going to be disappointed as they don't have nice swirly patterns like some other tyres, but if that's your criteria when buying a tyre then your buying tyres for the wrong reason, although they do have a nice touch of having the brand and model mounded into the tread.
CompareTyres user 2023
Had a set of Nexens on my ML, terrible in wet so decided on these Avons, what a massive difference, quieter, great grip in the wet, more precise steering, cant comment on how well they will last, not had them to long,
CompareTyres user 2023
I have never had such a noisy tire in all my life, different road surfaces play a different tune and not a pleasant one either, there are much quieter tires out there with just as good grip etc so will be looking hard to find one next time round.
CompareTyres user 2023