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Yokohama Bluearth ES32 tyres

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No prizes for guessing that they are Japanese! Founded more than 100 years ago in 1917 in the town of the same name, Yokohama is... says...

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Premium—products made of the highest quality materials provide excellent performance

Intended use: Passenger cars

Tread: Symmetrical—the shape and tread pattern ensure safe driving even in wet, unfavourable road conditions.

Sizes: From 14 to 18 inches.

This summer tyre offered by Yokohama is a part of popular BluEarth series. Yokohama BluEarth Es ES32 is a product of the highest class (premium), combining the best features of products provided by this Japanese supplier with even better performance.

Engineers and designers focused on three basic parameters that create a good summer tyre:

  • Very good grip on wet roads.

  • Unique durability.

  • Low rolling resistance.

BlueEarth concept introduced by Yokohama focuses on environmental protection, too. This Japanese company wants its production, distribution and recycling processes to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. BlueEarth series indicates the direction of modern tyre industry, which is friendly to people and the environment.

The tyre has a symmetrical tread pattern, whose main task is to remove water when driving on wet roads. This is especially important in early spring, when the potential risk for drivers is higher due to low temperatures and frequent rainfall. Safety and good grip are provided by three wide circumferential grooves.

How do they work? When the tyre is in contact with a wet surface, these channels accumulate water and the tread blocks may fully contact the road. Additional incisions in the central groove help to provide better traction.

The sides of the tread are also nicked to maintain the running track and ensure better cornering, even during dynamic driving. Yokohama Blue Earth tyres are user and environmentally friendly, mainly due to an innovative rubber blend based on orange oil. This natural component replaces petroleum oils and is the foundation of excellent grip of tyres. In addition, the tyres are flexible, which increases the contact area with the ground.

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Bluearth ES32 Reviews

maxxis is the tyre that i have been driven for 38000km,i have change the yokohama for a month ,it is good at the heavy rain distric
CompareTyres user 2023
Took a good 500 miles before these tyres really started to shine. Very firm and little grip to start with but then they settle in and are superb in my opinion. They are not as grippy as the Avon sport tyres they replaced but if you want a comfortable and refined ride then these ES32's are definitely for you.
CompareTyres user 2023
Great tyre fitted to my Type R Honda Civic. Fantastic grip in the dry and hasn't let me down yet in the wet.
CompareTyres user 2023