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No prizes for guessing that they are Japanese! Founded more than 100 years ago in 1917 in the town of the same name, Yokohama is... [Read more] says...

The Yokohama Advan Sport V105 S shows off all the latest technology Yokohama have to offer.

This tyre offers a low rolling resistance, meaning it can save fuel and improve mileage.

The low level of external noise and excellent wet performance also make this tyre the perfect balance between sport and comfort.

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Been using Goodyear Eagle F1 Ass. 2 for quite a while and very satisfied. Decided to give the Yokohama's Advan Sport V105s a chance, and very pleased also. According to the EU label, I was expecting na increase in fuel consumption, but in reality, there was no difference. What I felt was a very responsive tyre, great feedback, very safe on wet roads e alot of grip. I can't give any feedback on how long they will last, but with the Goodyear's, I managed to achieve 40000 km on a set of 4 tyres, rotating every 10000km
I used these on the front of a rear wheel drive car (rears were a different brand). I like the way these sit on the wheel. The side wall was straight and flush with the wheel instead of rounded like some other brands. I only had them on the car for 8 months (so can't comment on wear) then sold my wheels with the tyres on. Everything about them was good. Although my previous Continental gave me better confidence in the wet, the Yokohama didn't slip or slide either. In the dry they felt better than the Continental so not worth paying the premium price for Continental. I put Goodyear on my new wheels and the Goodyear give a smoother, quieter and more comfortable ride as well as better steering response. The Goodyear aren't as expensive as Continental so if the Goodyear and Yokohama are a similar price I would go for Goodyear. All in all if the Yokohama come up at a good price in future I would definitely buy them again. I've had a good experience with some older Yokohama pattern years ago too.
Very good overall tyre. Gripped just as well as my previous Goodyear Assymetric 2. They lasted 16.5k miles on the front of my Seat Exeo which is the best I have gotten out of any tyres I have previously owned. I managed 13k from the Goodyear and only 11k from Bridgestone re050. The grip was excellent in the dry and still good in the wet. They aren't the quietest but still not loud. They do have a slightly firm ride but not bad.

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255/35 R18 94Y

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255/40 R17 98Y

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255/45 R18 103Y

E A 74
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