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Yokohama Adrive AA01 tyres

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No prizes for guessing that they are Japanese! Founded more than 100 years ago in 1917 in the town of the same name, Yokohama is... says...

Tyre info:

Yokohama AA01 is a tyre designed for everyday driving, both in city traffic and on longer routes. It has a symmetrical tread pattern that provides a balanced performance on any type of surface. The tyre guarantees driving comfort and high performance in all conditions, while precise control is ensured even at very high speed.

The lightweight rubber compound allowed the designers to achieve lower rolling resistance, which contributed to a decrease in fuel consumption. Users of Yokohama AA01 may expect significant savings due to lower fuel consumption. Lower fuel consumption is also of great importance for the environment, as it means reduced CO2 emissions. The central part of the tread is made of two straight ribs with a zigzag incision to maintain efficient communication between the steering system and the tyre. The unique design of the tyre and modern technologies applied in its production ensure precise control and smooth travelling even on rough surfaces and poor-quality roads. Three wide grooves ensure the fast evacuation of water from under the tyre, and they are also responsible for better grip and a reduced risk of aquaplaning. They make driving safe even during bad weather. Solid shoulders ensures high stability, very good performance and smooth control during dynamic manoeuvres like lane changing or sudden braking.

The tyre is manufactured by the Yokohama Rubber Company Ltd., a Japanese company which is part of the Furukawa Group. Yokohama is the seventh largest tyre manufacturer in the world and second biggest supplier of tyres in Japan. The brand specialises in premium tyres for passenger cars, 4x4, trucks, racing cars and industrial vehicles. Its products combine high quality with maximum performance.

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Adrive AA01 Reviews

Good tires, they lasted over 65.000 km but now it´s time to change them. Acceptable performance, but little bit noisy and rigid. Probably my next buy will improve to CDrive 2 or Decibel. Greetings from south america.
CompareTyres user 2023
Had used this tyres with my Fiat Punto and it was just good for 42K KMs and became bald in sides. Also the Tyre wall was very soft to make the drive comfortable. Road Grip was good in dry condition and in wet condition, it was aquaplaning. The tyre wear is too high. The driving was mixed in City and Highways (India) and returned good mileage, but not great.
CompareTyres user 2023
I have driven 7k km and I have to say that I' m very surprised how good the tyres are. I got them for less than 30€ per tyre, which is fu*king awesome price/performance ratio. Grip in dry is good enough for moderate driving ( highway, city, country roads). I wouldn't recommend it to speedy drivers (it's not high performance tire). Not perfect in wet cornering, even though it losese grip progresively and I would say it is very predictable( I don't have an ESP). Otherwise no aquaplaning issues in wet. I believe models with lower sidewall are even better in dry. Noise level is acceptable. Wear is good (1mm in 7k km). I would buy them again definitely, and most important I trust them.
CompareTyres user 2023