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Yokohama A539

185/60 R13 80H

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About Yokohama A539

Width: 185

Profile: 60

Rim Size: R13

Speed Rating: H

Load Index: 80 says...

Information on the tyre:

Yokohama A539 is a premium tyre designed for daily driving in the summer. The model is equipped with a symmetrical tread pattern, which performs very well on both dry and wet surfaces. The wide grooves efficiently disperse water and assist in the effective drying of the whole structure. This helps to reduce the risk of aquaplaning and maintain a high level of safety no matter the weather.

The tyre is made using a modern rubber compound with the addition of silica, whose even distribution is guaranteed by Zeruma technology, patented by Yokohama. Thanks to this, the tread wears slowly and evenly, allowing for the use of the tyre at full performance throughout its life. Another asset of this modern compound is its resistance to high temperatures, ensuring a safe and full-value drive regardless of weather conditions or the way you drive. With the special reinforcements in the tyre's sides and the additional layer of carcass located in the inner structure of the tread, the Yokohama A539 can better withstand overpressure and is more resistant to mechanical damage. Thanks to the blocks located at the tyre's arm, cornering and sudden manoeuvres are dealt with stably and confidently, maintains a precise driving track at all times. The optimised tread design means increased stiffness and consequently a faster response to acceleration and braking. Yokohama A539 is the perfect solution for demanding drivers who expect their daily-drive tyres to give top performance on any type of surface, have a long lifespan and be a pleasure to drive.

Yokohama is a Japanese company which is part of the Furukawa Group. Since 1917 the enterprise has been supplying top-class summer and winter tyres intended for a wide range of vehicles. Currently Yokohama is ranked 7th in the world in terms of tyres sold.

Yokohama A539
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