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tarted in 1988, Wanli tyres is a Chinese brand which belongs to the wider SCTR (South China Tre & Rubber Company) group. While you may... says...

The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Wanli SNOWGRIP is a winter budget class tyre. The tyre is manufactured by an independent Chinese manufacturer Wanli. It is the primary equipment for many cars destined for the Asian market. This is a tyre that allows for smooth movement on winter roads. The tyre has a low attrition and high strength. Engineers have designed it to be matched in to the harsh winter conditions and provide an appropriate level of comfort.

Wanli SNOWGRIP represents quality comparable to Western products, while maintaining attractive moderate prices. Thanks to modern blend, the rubber improves road holding and remains flexibility despite the low temperatures. Braking distance has also been reduced. The tyre gives a full control over the car in every situation. Two wide circumferential grooves on the sides of the tyres are designed to quickly remove unnecessary water and slush from the surface of contact with the ground. In combination with a directional tread this solution effectively protects against aqua and snowplaning.

Strong construction of the rib of the tyre protects it well from dangerous mechanical damage. In addition, rib is flexible and adapts its shape to inequality, so that the tyre retains a better grip on slippery roads. It is a budget class winter tyre for cars with more power. The tyre was made with the latest manufacturing technologies. Wanli is a tyre that provides excellent traction even in the the Central European variable winter. Wanli SNOWGRIP is a good solution for all drivers who appreciate good performance on any type of surface at reasonable price.

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Snowgrip S1083 Reviews

I've read numerous reviews on how bad these tyres are and felt I had to have my say before people get the wrong idea about these tyres. I must say that they do exactly what it says on the box. They are WINTER tyres so are designed to work at temperatures below 7 deg. If you drive aggressively at 12 deg temperatures then they will break away and feel like there is no grip in exactly the same way as a summer tyre will not work if not up to temperature. For this type of temperature you need SUMMER tyres. If you do the same type of driving when the temperature is near freezing and you will think you are on your summer track day tyres. In the snow and ice they will grip like you are on a dry road. Not all tyres are the same - just ask the F1 teams. There is no such thing as a universal tyre.
CompareTyres User 2019
When the tyres were first fitted they felt lumpy for the first 100 miles or so probably due to the big tread blocks . I have had them on my BMW during the heavy snow fall and thought they performed very well in the snow. Average for ice driving but better grip than summer tyres like the continentals that i use on my other set of wheels. Wet grip not the best especially if you like to drive quick. I would say only use them during snow weather conditions and below 6c .For the money you can't go wrong but not for sports driving.
CompareTyres User 2019
These tyres was installed at a couple of 17inch rims i bought in October 2015 for the purpose of cheap winter-tyres (Nordic Winter). Tyres are a bit woobly at cold starts, got them aligned but the technician told me that the rims didn't cause the woobling, the tyres did. He told me theywere cheap, well... not much to gain from them, then. None the less, these tyres has now rolled approx. 15.000km from october 2015 to april 2016, and they do it, overall, great. In wet conditions they can be a tad skiddy, but no oversteer - or understeering. They do great at high speeds - my car runs out of power at 165km/h, so... but stable as hell even at that speed! The only thing i really can put my finger on, is the tendency to wobble at cold mornings. They need to get run warm before this wobbling-feeling goes away.

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