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Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta 265/30 R19 93Y

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About the Vredestein Ultrac Sessanta

Tyre details: The Vredestein UltracSessanta was designed on the basis of an earlier model, the Vredestein Ultrac. Its optimised structure ensures even better road holding and steerability, regardless of the weather and road conditions. The tyre's unique design is the work of the Italian-owned Giugiaro Design, which worked on the revolutionary appearance of the UltracSessanta's tread.

The unique arrangement of the blades and grooves ensures that the tyre disperses water rapidly, preventing the vehicle from skidding or aquaplaning. At the same time, the Vredestein UltracSessanta offers outstanding handling on wet roads. Vehicle steerability and traction on dry roads have been improved compared to the previous model, making this tyre the perfect choice for any driver who prefers a dynamic and uncompromising driving style regardless of the weather. The ultra-lightweight rubber compound ensures lower rolling resistance and therefore reduces fuel consumption. This also helps to cut atmospheric CO2 emissions, making the Vredestein UltracSessanta more eco-friendly. The tyre's designers were also keen to ensure driving comport, and succeeded in making any journey with the Vredestein UltracSessanta a genuine pleasure by means of a unique structure which cancels out any tyre noise. The tyre is a particularly good option for drivers who place a premium not only on maximum performance, but also on driving safety and supreme comfort.

Vredestein is a Dutch-owned manufacturer which specialises in premium-range tyres notable for their outstanding manufacturing quality and supreme performance. The company owns production facilities in the Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand and India, which manufacture not only tyres for passenger cars, but also for 4x4 vehicles, vans, lorries, agricultural vehicles and bicycles. Vredestein is also one of the few manufacturers to produce tyres for vintage cars.

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