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Vredestein Ultrac Cento is a summer tyre with top parameters, designed for medium and premium class vehicles. The symmetrical tread used in the tyre ensures excellent performance both on dry and wet surfaces. The special arrangement of tread blocks and the wide grooves mean that the tyre quickly drains water during rain and provides an unequalled grip performance, even in extreme conditions.

The tyre was designed using a modern compound distinguished by durability and lightness. Due to its light weight, it was possible to reduce rolling resistance and this translates into a higher fuel saving. Thanks to all these features, Vredestein UltracCento is cost-efficient and ecological. Lower fuel consumption means a reduced CO2footprint. Moreover, the compound is durable which makes the tyre resistant to mechanical damage and fast wear of the tread. It wears out evenly due to a uniform distribution of pressures exerted on the road surface. As a result, use of the tyre is safe and the model gives its full performance throughout its life. This model will be particularly appreciated by the drivers who value top quality and comfort of driving in any circumstances. With the modern design of Vredestein UltracCento, the sound emitted by the tyre during operation are dampened immediately. This ensures a comfortable and convenient journey both for the driver and passengers.

Vredestein is a Dutch company which has been active on the market since 1946. Its product range includes tyres for passenger cars, agricultural machinery, light trucks, 4x4 vehicles, bicycles and lorries. Their products are rated as premium and feature the highest quality of execution and top performance. The company's factories are located not only in the Netherlands, but also in India, Thailand and Indonesia, where they manufacture tyres for agricultural machines and bicycles under the company brand. Vredestein is one of the few manufacturers which provide the market with tyres for vintage cars.

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Ultrac Cento Reviews

Impressed with these types, good fuel economy, lasted 20,000 miles on a big Volvo, good grip too. My last types on this car were Goodyears and the Vredesteins lasted a touch longer and gripped just as well.
CompareTyres User 2019
Got hese fitted 2 years ago, front and back and am still quite impressed with them. First and foremost, comfort and silence, if this is what you're after, you should definately get these. 2nd, the wear is amazing, my previous Bridgestones were already long gone and these still have 5/6mm on them after guess slightly more than 20k km of which even 1 trackday. On the trackday though their less strong points came forward as in my opinion it's lacking feedback as well as pure grip, it's not particularly bad but could for sure be better. All together, it's quite a good alrounder with the emphasys on comfort.
CompareTyres User 2019
I have bought a set of these tires in 2015 and i have used them on a 1500kg BMW 320d E46. The best thing for this tire is noise and comfort. They are very quiet ! But, compare to Vredestein UltracSessanta, the dry and wet grip is not that good. The wear is good, in 18.000 km, it;s very little. But i don't drive very sporty. If you want quiet tires, buy them. Else, if you drive sporty, buy another tires. UltracSessanta, Conti SC5 or anything else.

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