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Vredestein is a Dutch tyre manufacturer that has been in the business since 1909. The company is known for producing high-quality tyres for a wide... says...

Tyre details:

The manufacturer Vredestein describes this tyre as quiet, comfortable and sporty. The Sportrac 5 is the successor of the Sportrac 3, and guarantees even better rolling characteristics and performance than its predecessor. It delivers exceptional stability and comfort and superb performance regardless of the weather or road conditions. The tyre was designed in cooperation with the Italian-based Giugiaro Design, which took on responsibility for the appearance of the Sportrac 5's tread and sidewalls. As a result, the tyre is characterised by a number of features including shading at the base of the four longitudinal grooves, which lends the model a sporty character and underlines the asymmetry of the tread.

The tyre features a tread wear indicator which means that its condition can be easily checked in a matter of seconds, increasing driving safety. The Vredestein Sportrac 5 is also notable for its outstanding grip and exceptional durability. The central grooves of the tread feature special design elements which provide the flexibility necessary to achieve low rolling resistances and enhanced road holding. The tread ensures that stresses are distributed evenly over its entire surface, resulting in an optimum and balanced performance. The designers of the tyre used the Handling Tuned Sidewall technology together with a robust construction and firm external shoulder to guarantee sporty performance and dynamic driving. The intelligent distribution of the tyre's tread blocks is the outcome of many months of tests and contributes to low levels of tyre noise, whereas the five longitudinal grooves for water dispersal mean that the tyre is notable for its exceptionally short braking distances, even on very wet roads.

In 2016, Vredestein Sportrac 5 won the ADAC test for size 185/65 R15 tyres.

Information about the manufacturer:

Vredestein is a Dutch-owned company which has been present on the market since 1945. The brand's range includes tyres for passenger cars, agricultural vehicles, vans, retro vehicles, 4x4 vehicles, lorries and bicycles. The company's headquarters and its oldest production facility are based in the Netherlands.

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Sportrac 5 Reviews

Got these to replace a set of worn out Michelin Primary HP tyres on the Ford Focus. Firstly you need to understand that a couple of years previously i'd had the standard suspension upgraded by swapping it out for Bilstien B12 Gas shocks with matching Eibach springs, due to rubbish A & B roads causing suspension damage, After which I had the whole set up laser aligned by the tuning company that fitted the suspension. Anyways , following this , the better handling from this swap led to a downside.The tyre noise transmitting through the body from the Michelin's on all road surfaces increased considerably.When it came time to change, i got a set of 4 x Sportrac 5's all round.Firstly the road noise reduced noticeably.It was still there, but not as bad. Handling: - At first I though I'd made a huge mistake. The handling seemed sloppy and the car seemed wayward.However I persevered and as the tyres scrubbed in over the next few thousand miles, the grip level has kept on increasing. 12000 mile later and they are now gripping really well in both wet and dry conditions, almost like a premium sports tyre. The wear rate also seems very good. Knowing what i know now.I will definitely put them on again , when it becomes time to replace them, and put up with scrubbing the next set in as well.
CompareTyres user 2023
I am driving today for second time continuously the vred sportrac 5. I was very excited with my previous 4 tyres set from 2015. They have very stiff side walls cimparing with equal tyre brands and I change them because they are used for over 45000 kms. Their wear looks great and still now do not have at all cracks or holes or any disadvantage. Especially in greek roads which are simply mess they stand outstanding. I think they are much more durable than hankook 425 and yokohama c drive that I had previously. The worst and I wouldnt buy again is the han 425. Not suitable for greek roads. Sportrac 5 with close eyes. Im driving seat leon mk1 1.6 125hp
CompareTyres user 2023
In Toyota Auris 85000 Km. I would like to buy again
CompareTyres user 2023