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If you are looking for all-season tyres which perform well in any conditions and ensuring driving comfort regardless of the weather, Vredestein Quatrac 5 is the perfect solution. The model uses an asymmetric tread which combines all the features that guarantee confident driving in all seasons.

The structural division into the summer and winter section ensures optimised seasonal properties and, thus, a higher road safety. The asymmetric external longitudinal groove offers excellent grip bends and a quick acceleration on ice and snow. The summer section is responsible for driving properties, dry and wet grip as well as optimum driving precision. The winter section of the tread, with its high-tech sipes, ensures stability and grip on cold and snowy surfaces.

The tyre is based on a compound which ensures an appropriate flexibility in a wide range of temperatures. The addition of silica improves the structural durability and ensures a longer life. Furthermore, the even distribution of pressures acting against the tyre surface means that the tread wears out slowly and evenly. You may fully enjoy the performance of Vredestein Quatrac 5 without worrying about wear over time.

The model is a good option for all drivers who don’t want to worry about the seasonal replacement of tyres and, at the same time, want to travel comfortably and safely throughout the year.

Vredestein is a manufacturer supplying premium tyres which are executed to a high standard, feature innovative technologies and unique durability. The brand’s product range includes tyres for passenger cars, lorries, light trucks, 4x4 vehicles and bicycles. Vredestein tyres are famous for their stylish design. They are designed in cooperation with Giorgetto Giugiaro, who in 1999 won the contest for the best 20th century car designer.

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Quatrac 5 Reviews

Thought I would try the new all season Quatrac 5 as I live 400 metres up in the valleys of Wales and drive sometimes a 1000 miles a week all over the UK. In the wet, snow and icy conditions these are unbeatable and stop the car better than any expensive top end brands on the market. About 80 per cent as good as the best summer brands in hot dry conditions and I only managed to skid the car slightly on heavy braking on dusty dry roads when driving very fast, then again what tyres won't slide slightly in these condiditions. I have done over 18'000 miles on these since January in all conditions, I just swapped the back tyres to the front and reckon I will get at least another 18 thousand out of them so great value for money too. I won't be carrying two sets of tyres for summer and winter again. They are also quiet and extremely good on rolling resistance so on a tank of fuel I gain around 40-60 miles more for my money. I won't be buying anything else again and have tried all the best makes over the years!
CompareTyres User 2019
Changed over from summer tyres to "all season" Vredestein 5 with much improved comfort & reduced noise. During "Beast from the East" tyres gave confidence & good turn in/braking on snow, grip in sheet ice was not as good as full winter tyres (as could be expected). Good wear, a decent price, nice all round tyre.
CompareTyres User 2019
I had these tyres for approximately 20.000km and I drove throughout every possible scenario. Here in Abruzzo, Italy, you can travel from the sea to 2500mt mountain passes in an hour and half, so I can tell I tested these tyres deeply. Lets start with summer handling: they are fairly good, even in the hottest days (40 degrees Celsius in august) they perform well enough to drive in complete safety and comfort. But there are some drawbacks: as you can imagine, the tyre's compound is a bit soft to well adapt in cold weather, so in tight corners at high speed you can clearly feel the its limit. But it's okay: these are not performance tyres. In winter they perform even better and, in my opinion, they're better than a summer tyre, in fact the grip is very good. In snow and ice conditions you can't expect a lot, expecially in extreme conditions, but overall I was satisfacted by their behaviour. Lastly, but not least important, wet performance. Sorry Vredestein, but they're not so good. Both in winter and summer condition the lateral grip is poor as well braking and traction. Never experienced aquaplaning though. And they're not the quietest tyres in the market (and not the loudest). Buy again? For this price there is something else you want to see (Nexen Nblue 4 season, which I wrote a review on this site).

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