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For more than 30 years, the Uniroyal brand has represented high-level expertise in the development of rain tyres. As the inventor of the rain tyre,... says...

Type: Summer tyre

Class: Medium—excellent performance at a good price.

Intended use: Commercial vehicles, vans

Tread: Symmetrical—the tread shape and pattern ensure safety even in wet and difficult road conditions.

Sizes: From 14 to 16 inches

Uniroyal RainMax 3 is a model, which will meet the needs of drivers of commercial vehicles and vans. This summer tyre of medium class is good value for money, has excellent parameters and unrivalled behaviour in the wet. It is right to say that Uniroyal products are "rain tyres."

They are designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, which is very dangerous for drivers. The symmetrical tread and wide circumferential channels evacuate water from under the tyre very efficiently and almost instantly. Removal of excess water improves the vehicle's grip and its controllability on straight roads and when cornering.

The appearance of the tyre is also an important feature. The tread blocks are have many incisions of different depths. They provide better grip during sudden manoeuvres or emergency braking. The stability of the tyre is provided by its special design, which reduces braking distance. The tyre almost instantly responds to steering movements, allowing the driver to feel confident even with a full load.

A great challenge for manufacturers of tyres intended for larger vehicles is their durability and fuel economy. With its innovative approach and modern technologies, this model meets even the most demanding requirements.

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