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For more than 30 years, the Uniroyal brand has represented high-level expertise in the development of rain tyres. As the inventor of the rain tyre,... says...

Type: summer tyre

Class: medium - best value for money

Tread: symmetrical - the most common solution used in tyres for delivery/commercial vehicles

Intended use: commercial vehicles, vans

Uniroyal RainMax is a medium-class tyre designed for driving in wet weather. It perfectly eliminates the risk of aquaplaning and also maintains its performance during fast driving and with a heavy load in delivery vans. Uniroyal RainMax is a very economical and long-lasting model. In particular, the designers focused on its operation in heavy rain to guarantee the best grip and to support manoeuvrability even in the presence of large amounts of water. Uniroyal RainMax’s tread is made of a special rubber compound with features that guarantee safety even in adverse weather conditions. Silica has also been added to the compound to keep strong grip of tyres in all conditions.

The Uniroyal RainMax model was developed according to Rain Tire technology. The tread is constructed with three deep perimeter channels. In addition, it is equipped with two-level incisions located in the tyre shoulder. This solution is responsible for very efficient removal of water and mud. The special tread pattern reduces the risk of aquaplaning to a minimum. The load bearing capacity of the tyre is improved by the rigid belt and solid sidewall reinforcement. The tread of Uniroyal RainMax makes the tyre extremely resistant to overloading and all kinds of mechanical damage.

These tyres were designed specifically for use on smaller commercial vehicles (including vans and minibuses). They are designed for everyday driving and for travelling long distances and they provide a very high level of safety, plus exceptional stability and comfort while driving in wet conditions. Uniroyal RainMax tyres are recommended to all who value quality combined with good price.

Manufacturer Info: Uniroyal is one of the best brands for medium class tyres. It is worth noting that the brand belongs to Continental, one of the biggest groups in the industry. Technological support from the German giant, ensures that Uniroyal tyres are modern and safe for every driver. The brand is famous for its excellent rain tyres and the umbrella logo confirms that.

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