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For more than 30 years, the Uniroyal brand has represented high-level expertise in the development of rain tyres. As the inventor of the rain tyre,... says...

Type: All-season tyre

Class: Medium—excellent performance at a good price

Intended use: Passenger cars

Sizes: From 13 to 18 inches

Uniroyal All Season Expert 2 is a year-round model which is perfect for winter thaws and for hot summer days. Medium class tyres guarantee affordable price with very good performance and reliable workmanship.

The tread is designed to quickly and efficiently evacuate water which may accumulate under the tyre when driving on wet roads and which may be dangerous for the driver and passengers. This model reduces the risk of aquaplaning when driving through puddles and significantly increases driving comfort.

The improved tread pattern is a compromise between typical summer tyres and winter models. Most drivers, who only drive in urban conditions, are not exposed to severe winter conditions, even during sharp temperature drops. Uniroyal faces such challenges with its model perfect for driving in moderate conditions.

One set of tyres for the whole year saves money and time—you don't have to waste time and remember about the seasonal change of tyres. The model is also a good investment, as it is made of very durable materials, resistant to abrasion and wear. Driving comfort with such tyres is invaluable, not only because of their performance, but also due to the noise level emitted while driving. If you are looking for tyres that provide good performance, safety and comfort, then this model is the perfect choice.

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