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  • Good grip levels in both dry and wet conditions.
  • Very resistant to aquaplaning.
  • Improved fuel economy and tyre wear.
  • Minimal tread noise.
An economical tyre, the Toyo 330 performs highly in wet conditions. It has a long life as well as a low noise level. Designed to disperse water more efficiently than other economical tyres, the 330 also delivers a good steering response and fantastic aquaplaning resistance. Its low rolling resistance helps to improve a car’s fuel economy.
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These tires are good only if you live in the desert. Bought them in the beginning of the summer, and with the first autumn rain I managed to totally smash my car and get some nasty fractures. If you expect any kind of rain in your area DO NOT BUY THESE. They have close to zero grip on wet. My car slided like it was on ice while driving with speed below 50km/h and fell out of the road. I cannot believe that toyo manifactures these. I have driven some recycled noname tyres for 15 gbp per piece back in the days that had considerably better handling on wet.
CompareTyres User 2019
I used to have a set of 330's on the front of my Corsa, and being that I did deliveries, I was used to being out in all sorts of weather (including the snow). In the dry, they were good, and provided good feedback. However, in the wet, I found them to be the worst tyre I have used. Never again shall I buy them.
CompareTyres User 2019
Huge improvement over budget tyres and reasonably priced. Are quiet and ride very well. Good traction away from the line. Would recommend as next step up from budgets.

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