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The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Sava Eskimo S3+ is a winter tyre designed for cars with high power engine capacities. Equipped with a directional tread pattern, excellent wet performance and excellent traction are guaranteed, regardless of the weather conditions.

The Sava Eskimo S3+ has very good driving stability both on a straight road and when cornering and performing sudden manoeuvres The combination of a modern rubber compound and optimized tread pattern makes Sava Eskimo S3 + cope well on any surface.

The advantage of the Sava Eskimo S3+ is that it is highly flexible even at very low temperatures. This makes the model have a larger surface area of tread contact with the road, and thus improves traction and driving precision. Tyre engineers have also managed to increase the durability of the tyre (compared to previous models from the company) and slow tread wear.

Thanks to the optimal distribution of pressure inside the Sava Eskimo S3+, it wears out slowly and evenly, ensuring maximum performance throughout its life. The mixture used to produce the model has another advantage - low weight. With this feature, engineers managed to significantly reduce rolling resistance and consequently reduce fuel consumption.

All this makes the tyre from the Slovenian manufacturer economic, not only for at the purchase stage, but also during operation. Sava Eskimo S3 + is the perfect solution for drivers who appreciate safe driving and a balanced performance at a reasonable price.

Sava is a Slovenian company, whose history goes back to 1921. The company specializes in the production of economy-class tyres characterized by a sustainable performance, good handling on dry and wet roads, and a reasonable price. Since 1997 the owner of a majority stake in the company is Goodyear. This brand supplies the market with tyres for cars, vans, trucks, and cars with a four-wheel drive. Currently, Sava employs in its plants more than 1 600 employees.

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Eskimo S3 Plus Reviews

PRO - Impressive grip on snow, - Quiet even at 70mph and very easy to steer them. - Above-average road feedback. CON - Poor grip on dry and wet tarmac. - When they lose grip, they tend to be wild. - Worn very fast, lasting 8000 miles, driven mostly in the city.
CompareTyres User 2019
Driven one winter season, very good on snow, soft tyre, comfortable and quiet, handling - medium rating, low price. These were made in Spain, XL version. I dont like Sava eskimo pattern. Estimated lasting on front tyres (front wheels drive) 20000+ km, on rear weels 30000+ km.
CompareTyres User 2019
So, this is an initial review after driving on these tyres for 1 season from mid November to mid March in Croatis. I bought them new and they were made in 2016 in Poland. Take this review with a grain of salt because I can only compare these Eskimos to some old winter tyres (Klebers and Barums I think) that were on the car when I bought it and with my current summer tyres (Nokian iLines). I decided to change my old tyres last fall when I noticed a disconcerting lack of grip on damp roads. I bought only 2 tyres because money was an issue and had them installed to the front. I bought them for 300 kunas ( approx. 40 euros) a piece at my local garage with everything included, so it was a good deal. The change was very positive. Dry grip was very good and wet grip was much improved (unlike some drivers here I don't find these tyres lacking in the wet, just the opposite, even when compared to my Nokians). Road feedback is good and at first I taught the handling was pretty good, that is until I put the Nokians on. The iLines are much better and much sportier, but to my surprise the Eskimos are more comfortable and quieter. Just to note my profile, or my car for that matter, isn't sporty but the differences are pretty noticeable. OK, so they are a pretty decent winter tyre in these regards but where they really shine is where you'd expect them to: in the snow. We had a couple of days of snowfall here in Croatia and it was real "canadian" weather. I'm talking 30 centimeters of snow on the road in a couple of hours. I needed to make a trip to a nearby town and I felt confident after reading the reviews on this site. Let me tell you I was unstoppable. The snowplows couldn't clean the snow at the rate it was falling, the weather was really bad but I never lost control. I went up some steep roads and down feeling safe. There you have it. These tyres are safe, comfortable, magnificent in the snow and cheap, although not sporty at all. The wear seems minimal for now and I can recommend them to people who want cheap and comfortable dedicated winter tyres.

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