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Sailun Terramax CVR tyres

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Founded in 2002 in China, with a vision to create the latest, most innovative technology in tyre manufacturing Sailun formed a partnership with the Qingdao... says...

Information on the tyre:

If you are looking for a summer tyre for a 4-wheel drive vehicle and you expect balanced performance on any type of road and extended operation period, then Sailun Terramax CVR is the optimal choice for you. The sides of the model have been strengthened and the bead construction was also improved in making Sailun Terramax CVR more durable and resistant to mechanical damage.

The tyre has a symmetrical tread typical for this type of tyre. It provides optimised performance regardless of the weather and works very well on dry and wet roads. Wide grooves quickly evacuate water and mud from the front tires providing quick drying of the structure. This helps to minimise the risk of aquaplaning and improves driving safety.

The tyre is made of a rubber compound containing components of sufficient flexibility over a wide temperature range. This increases the contact area between the tread and the road which translates into improved safety and comfort. The lightweight tyre base decreases rolling resistance and consequently reduces fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Improved communication between the driver and the tyre ensures better manoeuvrability, and precise and stable driving control. The operational life of the tyre is extended because of the uniform distribution of the forces acting on the tread surface. This makes the tread wear slowly and uniformly, allowing you to enjoy high-performance driving, regardless of the tyre age.

Sailun is a brand of economy tyres which combines optimum value for money with safe travelling. The company offers tyres for various types of vehicles (including passenger cars, trucks and specialised machines). Cooperation with leading Chinese tyre manufacturers, makes Sailun products increasingly popular and appreciated by drivers around the world.

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Terramax CVR Reviews

cant fault them,
CompareTyres user 2023
I have had these for 2 days and I have been stuck twice. Like many 4x4's today many of them will never see the colour of mud in their life time. Unfortunately this has created a class of tyres although which are called 4X4 tyres they lead people in to a false sense of buying, or advertising. These tyres are really road tyres and as for cross country I am afraid to say forget these as they are rubbish for this purpose. I made the mistake of buying these as I spend 50% on and off road. Or I should say 50% off road and 25% of that digging myself out. My other vehicle has Yokohama Geolanders and they really do well compared to these. WARNING DO NOT BUY THESE IF YOU ARE GOING OF ROAD as they have very little traction off road.
CompareTyres user 2023