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Founded in 2002 in China, with a vision to create the latest, most innovative technology in tyre manufacturing Sailun formed a partnership with the Qingdao...
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ICE Blazer WST1 Reviews

Have lived in New Hampshire for all of my 45 yrs, various cars/trucks. Some AWD/4x4, some not. With so many miles to hockey, baseball, soccer with kids and gas bill was killing me in my truck. Got a Fusion, with plan to buy snows, and to hope for the best, with truck as emergency ride. Got these tires on sale (Fusion has odd size, so changed sizes to a sidewall about .4 inches taller but fit fine, size listed here is factory size for car). We have had a lot of snow this year, with over 3 ft in the past 3 weeks. Tires have been great in all conditions, deepest snow about 6-8 inches while driving. Also live on very steep hill and have got up hill when it is snow, slush and icy. So impressed I sold my truck...I would definitely buy these again. Note to those not used to driving in the snow: they don't make you bulletproof, don't do 100 mph in the snow, we all laugh at you when you are in the ditch. Be reasonable and these tires will do their job very well.
CompareTyres User 2019
I purchased 4 of these last March 2017 , while winter was almost gone I didn't really try them with bad weather until right now (It is being f... freezing/snowing/icing in Chicago). First of all I probably have one of the worst cars for winter (performance rear wheel drive high torque no TC open differential manual transmission) , that's why I felt forced to by winter tires , my first winter tires... Expectations where kind of low, I am from a warm place (never seen snow before) and I did not imagine a tire could change that much the behavior of the car. Also, buying a non brand name tire got me nervous, but the price was too good for not at least trying it. So an expected surprise was that just by changing tires (from summer performance to these) when dry, my car was not a sports cars anymore, it felt like a van... everything was spongy , steering wheel less reactive and you could feel the tire deforming more than a conventional tire,however this happens with all winter tires , specially if it is warmer than it should... On the other hand , I have been extremely surprised how good they perform on wet , snow and ice. I had the chance of comparing myself side to side with SUVs with ALLSEASON on it and my traction , stopping and cornering abilities where WAY superior to them. I have been able to drive (below normal speeds) with bad weather conditions when others had to pull over (AWD & 4X4 included), the level of confidence that the tire provides in ugly days it is just mind blowing. So my recommendation is, if you see snow, ice ,rain and cold weather (below freezing) often give a try to this tire, if you just see cold weather but no that much snow go for a winter performance tire (WSL2) , you will have less trade offs on dry and slightly over 32s F days. Summarizing , if you can not move to a warmer place , just spend the extra money on a set of winter tires and rims, you will never regret.
CompareTyres User 2019
I have had these on three cars now. I live in Canada with lots of icy conditions early inteh winter and then heavy snow for the rest. I am blown away by these tires. They are 1/2 the price of the competitors and are fabulous. I put a set on my son's car that is so confident I am with them. The scam of this whole tire business is that rubber is rubber. Whether its Chinese rubber or European rubber rubber is rubber. It's like golf balls. You pay for marketing when you buy Titleist. I buy taylormade and blow by my buddies at 60 cents on the dollar at 320 yards. Same rubber, same skins, same performance. Different name. Tires are no different. You are trained by marketing to believe that names matter. Do yourself and your family a favour. Put some bucks in your pocket and buy these. Only a fool pays more.

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