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Founded in 2002 in China, with a vision to create the latest, most innovative technology in tyre manufacturing Sailun formed a partnership with the Qingdao... says...

Information on the tyre: Sailun Atrezzo ZSR are economy summer tyres designed for sports cars. The model aspires to the UHP segment, meaning tyres with very high performance. It is a sports tyre that performs well on recreational drives (it’s not a typical racetrack product).

The model comes with an asymmetric tread pattern. The optimised blocks located on the surface allow smooth cornering and manoeuvring at high speeds. The stiff central rib ensures high stability and optimum tyre-surface contact, and the system of precisely designed grooves efficiently drains water from under the tyre. Sailun Atrezzo ZSR is a tyre that likes challenges. With the presented tyres, you can drive not only dynamically but also comfortably. The vehicle is predictable and properly responds to the steering wheel motions.

Tests of the presented model have shown that apart from good driving performance, the tyre also ensures an even wear which is important during intensive use. Sailun Atrezzo ZSR are cheap in purchase and use. They will satisfy drivers searching for good performance without spending much money.

It should be mentioned that Sailun is an Asian tyre brand that has taken the European market by storm. The owner continuously cooperates with Qingdao University of Science and Technology, which enables the development of adequate products, which is a good basis for operating in the tyre industry. The entire production process at Sailun is computerised and the tyres offered have the required quality certificates.

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Atrezzo ZSR Reviews

This is a second review to correct a mistake done on the previous review of mine, if you see below there is a review stating driving a "BENTLEY". Obviously it's a mistake as my car is a Honda Accord Euro. And since I revisited the same comments apply more or less as in the previous review of mine while having done 5000 miles. Next change I may revert to the Z4+AS model from Sailun, their main advantage is economy , main drawback the noise
CompareTyres User 2019
Extremely well performing for the price !! The tires grip well once they in the good operating temperature but they have their limits. After a few km of spirited driving they tend to understeer a bit (2004 wrx) but it is easily recoverable. They perform reasonably well on wet asphalt. I even tried them on compacted snow and i was able to pull a few corners and donuts... But be careful to not get overexcited. Finally, I would definitely recommend them for the price cause their performance is comparable to tyres 3 times as expensive. They might not last alot cause they are soft tires, but hey u wouldn't want to keep a cheap tyre for more than 2 years.
CompareTyres User 2019
Daughter just had these tyres fitted to the front of her Mazda 6 Personally I've never heard of them! They cost her $80AU each (I take it plus balance and fit). As long as they have the new yellow dot on the side of the tyre I know they are good :D Seriously though, I hope these front tyres are good, we are in Spring here (wet then windy then warm days and nights, you know Spring a mixture of everything!). Also note, there was no 'choice' so to speak. She basically just went and got new tyres and the guy recommended these ones. All I can say her drive home in the wet (she actually went about 60kms distance near her bf house) she said they are 'good'. So there's the initial review.

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