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Your tyre: Sailun Atrezzo Z4 AS 255/45 R18 103W

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About Atrezzo Z4 AS

Width: 255

Profile: 45

Rim Size: R18

Speed Rating: W

Load Index: 103

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 74 says...

Tyre details: Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS is a tyre designed for the daily drive. Thanks to its directional tread, the model performs excellently in summer.The V-grooves efficiently drain water, which means a fast drying process. This reduces the risk of aquaplaning, and an appropriate grip is maintained no matter the weather.

The model was designed based on a modern rubber compound that features flexibility and a lower weight. Flexibility is particularly important during the winter season, as it allows for a larger area of tyre-road contact, which translates into a higher stability. In summer, the compound ensures a proper structural stiffness and slows down the tread wearing process. With this optimised pattern, Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS ensures a precise drive not only on straight roads, but also on bends and during sudden manoeuvres. The driver-tyre communication has also been improved, which makes the drive more comfortable and safe. The designers have also paid attention to the optimum distribution of pressures acting against the tyre. As a result, the tread wears out slowly and evenly, which allows you to maintain maximum performance throughout its life. Therefore, there are no worries about deterioration of grip or a lower driving comfort with increasing mileage. The model is the perfect solution for drivers who expect their all-season tyres to be durable and reliable regardless of the season.

Sailun is an Asian brand manufacturing economy-class tyres. They feature an affordable price, balanced performance on any type of surface, and the comfort of use. The company’s production lines supply tyres designed for passenger cars, light trucks and light lorries. With the use of high technologies and customer research, Sailun tyres are trusted by the drivers all over the world. The company has been supplying their products since 2002.

Sailun Atrezzo Z4+AS