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Founded in 2002 in China, with a vision to create the latest, most innovative technology in tyre manufacturing Sailun formed a partnership with the Qingdao...

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Atrezzo Elite Reviews

Just had a complete set of Sailum Atrezzo Elite tyres fitted to my Skoda Fabia. Have driven them on a mixture of twisty country roads and dual carriageway in bot the wet and dry. Very impressed with the road feel of these budget priced tyres. They feel very positive in grip yet give good cushioning on our potholed roads. My previous tyres were Michelin and considerably higher cost, yet the ride comfort was a lot less. No wear data as yet. If you are a conservative driver of a car that is used for commuting, driving into town and the occasional long trip, I consider these tyres a good and very economic choice.
CompareTyres user 2023
Tires are quite noisy and are difficult to balance. Also, if the car sits for a few days the tires develop a flat spot that does dissappear but is quite annoying. Quite wallowy and vague. Under hard braking squeal embarrasingly. Wear is worse than I would have expected. In just 5000 km (3100 mi) the tires have as much tread left as my other car with the same size Hankook Kinergy Eco (K425) tires that have over 10 000 km (6200 mi) on them. I expect that the Sailuns will last for one more season.
CompareTyres user 2023
Bought them last spring(2016).....unusable after (just!!) 14.000KM(~9000 miles I suppose). At first(~7000KM) they were fine,dry grip good,wet grip OK,handling OK,kind of noisy but I wasn't very bothered by that but after 8.000KM I started to notice the wearing on the inside(not noticeable at all on the outside)especially on the front tyres. I thought there was something wrong with the car(did ''the test''>car OK).Long story short I had to change them after 14.000KM and NO I'm didn't ''abuse them'',some of the roads weren't that good but 14.000KM and almost no tread,unbelievable. PS.I did ''the car test'' twice at 8.000Km and then after I changed the chinese tyres and nothing,just poor quality rubber. What's interesting is that the wear ''accelerated'' a lot after 10.000Km in my case.
CompareTyres user 2023