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Bought full set for 220 pounds. Other priority makes are that much for one tyre. Had them on for only about 2K miles in various conditions in England and Wales so far - I am a very experienced and enthusiastic driver. MPG has improved from 29 to 34 average. Quieter and absorbing uneven/holed surfaces with greater comfort, but perhaps slightly less feedback. Grip is fine - I have no intention of attempting the lap record at the Nurburgring ! It was a risk - however I believe they are really good tyres for the money and I am very pleased with my decision. Definitely recommended.
CompareTyres User 2019
These tyres were fitted to the car at the front when I bought it. Without doubt these are the worst tyres I've driven on. Grip is ok in the dry, but they down right dangerous in the wet. Zero feedback from the wheel, an alarming amount of understeer and also a lack of resistance to aquaplaning. With 6mm of tread on them I was reduced to 45 mph on the M61 to stop it sliding off the road. The lack of grip is so bad that the car will light it's wheels up in third at 60mph on a damp motorway without using the clutch. Also wet weather braking is atrocious and changes in tarmac type can have the car skipping as the grip level changes and the tyres react. Not a confidence inspiring tyre at all. Honestly to everyone saying they are ok and they saved me money, that's fine until you find yourself in an emergency situation. Yes I drive a little faster than some but even if I drove slowly I'd be wary of fitting these due to the braking and wet weather ability. Definitely worth paying the extra money for a premium brand.
CompareTyres User 2019
got 19 inch rims,full set premium was touching £600,shopped on line and found these rovelo tyres,got them fitted at national tyres the fitter told me with the miles i do every year approx 3,000 and imno speed king the tyres should last 12,000 miles cost was £240 a big saving,everything seems ok just see how long they last if its four years ill be very happy.

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