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The Rotalla RU01 is a budget car tyre.

Featuring a solid rib design, the tyre provides excellent performance and impressive cornering grip. The tyre's design also helps to prevent the risk of hydroplaning.

Utilising a new tread pattern, the tyre has reduced reduces noise levels - making for a quieter driving experience.

Rotalla tyres are now covered by our Lifetime Guarantee - delivering peace of mind at no extra cost. Find out more.

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Setula Space RUO1 Reviews

Bought four new tyres for my Saab 9-3 2008. Good tyres with nice grip and handling but a little bit too noisy in my opinion. Very good budget tyres for a "normal" driver.
CompareTyres User 2019
After less tha 15.000 Kilometers the car sarted to "rumble". It turned out that a big bubble had appeared on the inside of 1 tyre. I was lucky it did not explode. Never ever buy these tyres, they are dangerous!!!
CompareTyres User 2019
I bought these tires based in their rating on this site and a combination of their EU label rating, mainly noise. They seem to have a great overall rating in all of the above. I am generally happy with them in the dry. Although in near-limit grip situations they don't feel too confident, but they don't have to at this price range either. My most critical opinion has to do with their wet behavior. While they perform OK as long as you never land in an emergency situation, I have been surprised quite a few times as they have lost traction under acceleration in as high as 3rd gear and I don't mean an aggressive acceleration by any means. Verdict: If you are a confident driver, with a well handling car, behave yourself in traffic and are looking to save money on tires I would consider these. But if you are not interested risking driving with tires that have quite scary wet handling behavior at times, then please go for something else. Drive safe.

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