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Pirelli is Italy's premium tyre maker and is the world's 5th largest tyre manufacturer with 22 global manufacturing sites and branches located across 160 countries.... says...

The presented tyre is marked with 3PMSF symbol (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake). It means that the tyre meets the EU requirements for winter tyres. The symbol is awarded after thorough tests of a tyre model in terms of snow grip.

Outstanding handling on snow, shorter braking distances and reliability in any situation are just a few of the benefits of the Pirelli Scorpion Winter, which is designed for 4x4 vehicles. The main objectives pursued by the designers were outstanding grip in difficult winter conditions and complete control over the vehicle.

The tyre features a directional tread which ensures better evacuation of water and minimises the risk of aquaplaning, increasing driving comfort and safety. The tyre also features a mirrored block arrangement which guarantees balanced and optimum braking behaviour on winter roads. The optimised siping pattern designed especially for the Pirelli Scorpion Winter helps to maintain driving stability when negotiating corners and performing dynamic manoeuvres. The circumferential channels disperse water more efficiently, which improves driving performance and braking behaviour on water, slush and snow. The state-of-the-art rubber compound used to manufacture the tyre ensures lower rolling resistance, which in turn reduces fuel consumption and atmospheric CO2 emissions. The Pirelli Scorpion Winter is also cost-effective during use, not only because of the reduction in fuel consumption but also because of its exceptional durability and slow tread wear. It is the ideal choice for all drivers who place a premium on maximum performance, dynamic driving and reliability in extreme winter conditions.

Pirelli is an Italian tyre manufacturer which has been present on the market since 1872. The company is particularly famous for its sports tyres, which are notable for their superlative performance, outstanding quality and reliability. Pirelli also produces tyres for motorbikes, 4x4 vehicles, vans, passenger cars and lorries.

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