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For small and medium-sized cars. A tyre that delivers excellent performance in wet conditions and whilst braking. Long lasting tread combines with high driving comfort. Cinturato P6 is the tyre developed by Pirelli with particular emphasis on: - Safety - Environmental sustainability - Value for money whilst retaining the high level of comfort that has always been a fundamental characteristic of Pirelli tyres. With symmetric tread pattern design, available with speed code T,H/V and rim diameter from 14" to 16". ENERGY™ EFFICIENT: Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. CLEAN AIR: Made from eco-compatible materials that minimise environmental impact, both at the production stage and throughout the life of the tyre. HIGH MILEAGE: Longer lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance and safety. Safety, eco-compatibility and savings characterise the Cinturato P6™. Low rolling resistance enables the driver to reduce fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions, whilst the higher mileage saves money. Compounds are free of aromatic oils, which are potentially dangerous for the environment. Features: - Symmetrical tread pattern with continuous circumferential Grooves - Solid central rib - Innovative tread compound Functions: - Efficient expulsion of water - Constant contact with the road - Reduced rolling resistance Customer benefits: - High level of performance in wet conditions - Optimum stability even at higher speeds - Fuel saving and longer life
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P6 Cinturato Reviews

Best tire i ever driven.Spectacular grip even when wet didnt seem to lose any directional grip or feel of the road.Lasted pretty well long,consider that i drove the car every day for 4 years and most of the time agressively Best low budjet(but with great performances)Pirelli produced in my opinion.
CompareTyres User 2019
I changed the original tyres of the car after 3 years of normal wear out and replaced them in October 2015 with Pirelli Cinturauto P6 tyres. I drive an average of 10,000 miles per year, the air pressure in the tyres is the correct one as specified by the car, and I drive on country roads but very carefully. In December 2016 the right front tyre showed a bulge on its sidewall so I replaced it immediately with another Cinturauto P6. In January 2017 the left front tyre showed a similar bulge on its sidewall so I replaced it immediately with another Cinturauto P6. In May 2017 this left front tyre which had been replaced in January 2017 showed once again a similar bulge on its sidewall so, once again, I replaced it with another Cinturauto P6. And now, in November 2017 the back right tyre has exploded, I was not aware if there had been a bulge in the sidewall of this right back tyre as I would have replaced it immediately if I had seen one. Pirelli blames my driving and does not offer me any warranty. I blame Pirelli because I don't think a tyre should be so delicate and because I never had any problems with the original tyres of the car with a similar type of driving. As the tyres have been failing one at a time I have had to keep replacing the defective tyres for the same model but this last explosion has scared me and I am going to replace all four tyres with others that are not so delicate.
CompareTyres User 2019
On the under-powered Fiat Grande Punto 1.3 ,seemed give rather plenty of grip.(it was dificult to spin From Still ! ) Good Feedback and Good cornering control.Little plush on corner in , even though the had rather fat chik.(65).In wet they weren't as good though Good performance in braking (Fiat has really bad ABS controller and maybe i ve underestimated) I suppose they could be better in wet.didnt like that Comfort is liitle of compromise, probalby due to the strenghed sidewalls to provide good steering Feel. Really good treadwear over 4 years on the car and they were handling efficiently at the last kilometers of their life Under winter condition bellow 8 Degree Celcius, they were acting poorly, the handling was hitten for good In some snow test, i ve tried they were complete unuasable Would buy again the P7 blue probably if road noise in not the problem

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