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Pirelli is Italy's premium tyre maker and is the world's 5th largest tyre manufacturer with 22 global manufacturing sites and branches located across 160 countries.... [Read more] says...

Cinturato™ P4 is the tyre developed by Pirelli with particular emphasis on:- Safety- Environmental sustainability- Value for money whilst retaining the high level of comfort that has always been a fundamental characteristic of Pirelli tyres.

The three Ecoimpact icons on the sidewall of the Cinturato™ P4 highlight its environmental compatibility:

ENERGY EFFICIENT: low rolling resistance for reduced fuel consumption with consequent savings for the consumer and a reduction in CO2 emissions.
CLEAN AIR: new tread compounds with no high aromatic oils avoid the dispersion of substances potentially hazardous for the environment through tyre wear.
HIGH MILEAGE: the higher mileage achievable brings direct savings to the consumer. Making a tyre last longer also means producing fewer tyres with numerous benefits in terms of raw material, water and energy savings, lower pollutant emissions and reduced impact of disposal.

Section: 145 to 205
Rims: 13" to 15"
Technical series: 60 to 80
Speed symbol: T

KEY FITMENTS: Fiat, Mercedes, Peugeot, Seat and Volkswagen.

Tyre ratings analysis
  • Safety:
  • Dry braking: 6.5 / 10
  • Wet braking: 4 / 10
  • Wet road holding: 8.8 / 10
  • Aquaplaning: 9.3 / 10
  • Comfort:
  • Road holding:
  • Absorption of irregularities:
  • Rolling noise:
  • Economy:
  • Longevity: 10 / 10
  • Fuel economy: 3.6 / 10


These are great tyres had some on a Rover 25 and it was really nice to drive on country roads. Changed to Continentals and it lost some progressiveness in corners.
I had these tyres stock , Summer : Dry grip were very good Winter: Wet grip were good Feed/Handling : Worst than ever, easy get to a skid, car be all over the place Total tyres life : (21,000) Miles Pirelli's worst tyre model I ever seen , Used to buying Pirelli Tyres / Prefer them than other Premium brands but these were too bad .... i advice no one buy them, i think there out of production now.
These tyres seemed in begin very good but over time showed weakness Handling (Dry): bit bad No Good feedback Wear too fast also noisy .

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