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Pirelli is Italy's premium tyre maker and is the world's 5th largest tyre manufacturer with 22 global manufacturing sites and branches located across 160 countries.... says...
Safe, environmentally friendly and offering cost savings for drivers of city cars and compact cars. Cinturato P4 is the tyre developed by Pirelli with particular emphasis on: - Safety - Environmental sustainability - Value for money whilst retaining the high level of comfort that has always been a fundamental characteristic of Pirelli tyres. With asymmetric tread pattern design, available with speed code T,H and rim diameter from 13" to 15" ENERGY™ EFFICIENT: Reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. CLEAN AIR: Made from eco-compatible materials that minimise environmental impact, both at the production stage and throughout the life of the tyre. HIGH MILEAGE: Longer lasting tyre that maintains high levels of performance and safety. Stability and steering precision. Roadholding whilst cornering even with a full load. Safety in the wet and lower cabin noise. This is a tyre for city cars and compact cars which doesn’t compromise on safety and comfort. Key Homologations: Citroen, Fiat, Hyundai, Mercedes, Peugeot, Seat, Volkswagen Features: - Wide longitudinal channels - Wide shoulder blocks - Innovative tread compound Functions: - Efficient water expulsion - Stability when cornering - Reduced rollingresistance Customer benefits: - Increased level of safety in wet conditions - Improved steering response - Fuel saving and longer life
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P4 Cinturato Reviews

These are great tyres had some on a Rover 25 and it was really nice to drive on country roads. Changed to Continentals and it lost some progressiveness in corners.
CompareTyres User 2019
I had these tyres stock , Summer : Dry grip were very good Winter: Wet grip were good Feed/Handling : Worst than ever, easy get to a skid, car be all over the place Total tyres life : (21,000) Miles Pirelli's worst tyre model I ever seen , Used to buying Pirelli Tyres / Prefer them than other Premium brands but these were too bad .... i advice no one buy them, i think there out of production now.
CompareTyres User 2019
These tyres seemed in begin very good but over time showed weakness Handling (Dry): bit bad No Good feedback Wear too fast also noisy .

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