Your tyre: Pirelli Chrono 175/75 R16 101R

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About Chrono

Width: 175

Profile: 75

Rim Size: R16

Speed Rating: R

Load Index: 101

Fuel Efficiency: F

Wet Grip: C

Noise Level: 72 says...

The Chrono matches the demands of the commercial vehicle such as robustness, wear resistance and load capacity, together with the performance characteristics of summer car tyres like good road grip and high comfort levels. The Chrono excells for the integrity and the resistance to fatigue at high speed throughout its entire lifetime. The road grip level is remarkable both on dry and wet asphalt conditions, while the acoustic comfort is good in any condition. The new PIRELLI CHRONO allows users to drive at higher speed, for a longer time, with maximum peace of mind.

Pirelli Chrono