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Pirelli is Italy's premium tyre maker and is the world's 5th largest tyre manufacturer with 22 global manufacturing sites and branches located across 160 countries.... [Read more] says...
  • Deep diagonal grooves
  • Optimised grip on snow
  • Shoulder design derived from racing technology
The Winter 240 Sottozero is designed by Pirelli to allow sporty and high powered saloons to exploit the best of their characteristics.

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excellent tires.,in most condition.Definitely try
I put these tyres on for a trip to the Alps for skiing. They are very noticeably quieter and comfortable than the road tyres I had before. Pirelli Scorpions and Bridgestones. They grip well in snow, very well in wet and surprisingly well in dry. But the biggest surprise is the mileage. Had them on for two years, been to the Alps and back three times in winter. Went to Italy and south of France in summer when the weather was at 36 degrees C. Longest lasting tyre I have had and I have been driving Lexus RX for 12 years.
Got the Pirelli Sottozero's for my Audi A8 for the winter. Fantastic tyre - they have the look of a summer tyre with the performance of a winter one. Increased road noise from them but this is to be expected. I've run them in dry, wet, soaking wet, snow and ice and they performed well in every condition - with only a slight slip on the ice - although this was more than likely me pushing things a little too much - short of studded tyres I don't think much will grip the ice too well anyhow !!! As the set I bought were second hand when I got them I made the decision to run them pretty much right through the summer also - very happy with wear rates on them. Dry grip is great - but the tyres do squeal quite easily if you're starting to push them. Wet grip is fantastic - given the tread patterns they have an ability to really resist aquaplaning - to the point they can probably give you too much confidence...I found myself overtaking people in absolutely torrential rain without so much as a twitch from the tyres. Grip on snow is good - as these are the only winter tyre I've had I can't really compare but I was happy with the grip levels - there are some other winter tyres out there with more aggressive tread patterns which I think look like they should grip better (Dunlop & Nokian) but I think these may be more suited to countries where it snows more than the UK. Liked them enough to have bought a new set in ready for the winter.

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225/40 R18 92V

E C 72
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245/40 R19 98V

E C 72
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255/35 R18 94V

E C 74
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255/35 R19 96V

C C 74
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255/45 R18 99V

E C 74
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