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The Ovation VI-388 is a summer tyre intended for everyday use. Thanks to its design and the use of an asymmetric tread pattern, the model performs very well on both wet and dry surfaces. Four wide grooves ensure driving stability and quickly disperse water from under the tyre, increasing grip and minimising the risk of aquaplaning. Transverse grooves with small blades ensure smooth negotiating of corners and problem-free driving at high speeds.

The Ovation VI-388 is made using a special compound containing silica, noted for its strength and lightness. This means that the tyre performs better on wet surfaces and reduces rolling resistance, which is particularly good for drivers looking for a cost-effective and environmentally friendly car. Thanks to the lower rolling resistance, the car uses less fuel, thus reducing CO2 emissions. The model has also been equipped with a rim protector to prevent mechanical damage such as curb impact. Balanced pressure on the road surface means that the tyre wears evenly and doesn't lose its performance specifications over time, thus guaranteeing increased safety on the road and greater driving enjoyment for the full lifetime of the model. The tread design, combined with the properties of the innovative compound used, means that driving on Ovation VI-388 tyres is very quiet. The majority of the noise emitted by the tyre is muffled during driving, meaning that the driver and passengers can enjoy a comfortable journey.

Ovation is an Asian tyre manufacturer that takes as its inspiration four key words: Unity, Endeavour, Pragmatism and Efficiency. The company was founded in 1995 and quickly conquered the eastern markets. It then set its sights on Europe and America. The company specialises in the production of economy tyres intended for passenger cars.

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VI388 Reviews

Great value tyre,excellent behavior on wet roads,could be little bit more quiet but overall very happy
CompareTyres User 2019
I´m riding these for 1 and a half year long, exceptionally as a summer tires on my Mitsubishi Lancer SW 2.0 135HP. Appx. 12. to 13.000_km on them. I´ve never ridden such a fantastic tire/tyre (I´m a "Pro"driving many cars from 135 to 600HP). Tire has had: - unbelievable wear resistance (hardly 1 or 2mm down on 12.000_km) - unbelievable gripp at any temperature from 0°C to 40°C (I simply can´t understand) - unbelievable gripp on wet from 5°C to 35°C - unbelievable side force stability (rigid sidewall) - unbelievable aquaplanning resistance - twoo really scary crash-avoiding maneuvers (@110km/h and @40km/h) - unbelievable behavior without noticeble wear - unbelievable response from the tire to steering - wet or dry - perfect braking and traction behavior - very very quiet also after 12.000_km - not very comfortable As I also had had a winter tires form Ovation...and had had to kick them out (really slippery on wet), I´m very very very surprised, how can a summer tire be! Price?? 1.080CZK/pc. = 42EUR/pc. in a stupid dim. 195/50 R16 88V or W I only recommend!
CompareTyres User 2019
I have always bought tyres with a name, my tyre fitter recommended Ovations to me as he had them fitted on his own car and van. For the money I gave them a go, they have been on for approx 1000 miles and I honestly cannot fault them. Prior to fitting the two fronts I ran Avon ZZ3's which I was very happy with, however I will not hesitate to fit Ovations when my rears are due.

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