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Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only... [Read more] says...

Nokian WEATHERPROOF C is a van tyre from the Nokian weatherproof family which is a range of tyres which are optimized to be resistant to any type of weather. The company created it in order to free the driver from seasonal tyre changes. The family consists of several models of tyres, and they are intended for use in different types of cars.

Nokian weatherproof C is an option for drivers of vans. This model provides a combination of reliable safety on winter surfaces and dynamic and precise handling during the summer months. The feature that stands out during both seasons is the comfort of the tyre. Performance tyres are adapted to conditions in Central Europe.

The Nokian weatherproof C has been rigorously tested in Ivalo, north of the Arctic Circle (for winter condition optimization) and in Germany and Spain (for summer condition optimization). These tests showed this all-season tyre has a more all-round performance compared to other all-season tyres.

On the surface of the Nokian Weatherproof C are deep grooves to disperse water and mud outside the surface of the tyre. This makes the grip perform strongly even under extremely difficult conditions on the road. Stiff shoulder blocks effectively ensure the stability of the tyre even at higher speeds and a greater load. The priority of the creation of all-season tyres was that the tyre had the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. To achieve this, they resorted to a cutting-edge blend of rubber, which is perfectly suited for tens of degrees below 0, and during hot weather. Even during extremely changing weather, the tyre managed to resist mechanical damage.

The Finnish manufacturer Nokian, makes tyres of the highest quality. The company is known worldwide for its advanced technology and green solutions. They are famous for their production of winter tyres. Nokian's products are made in factories in Finland and Russia.

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