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Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only... says...

Information on the tyre:

This Finnish manufacturer of high-class tyres expands its much-appreciated Nokian Line with Nokian Line SUV model. This tyre is called the master of wet surfaces, but it also has many other useful features. See below.

5 reasons why you should choose Nokian Line SUV:

The first advantage of Nokian Line SUV is its unique grip. How was this achieved? The manufacturer arranges bullet-shaped grooves on the tyre surface. They accelerate water transfer to the transverse and circumferential grooves of the tyre and its quick removal. The introduction of additional oblique grooves helped in efficient water evacuation.

Another feature of the tyre which is important for the driver, is its excellent off-road grip. This feature was achieved by arranging rectangular teeth on the shoulders of the tyre. The specific angle of these elements enables the tyre to perform well sand and gravel tracks.

Better handling. Every driver expects that newer models will have better manoeuvrability. Nokian Line SUV guarantees it. All the openings and grooves on the surface of the tyre, combined with blocks of different sizes, improve its stiffness but also ensure flexibility of the tread. The effect? Perfect manoeuvrability, similar to passenger tyres (in dry and wet conditions) and lower fuel consumption.

The fourth major advantage of Nokian Line SUV is its durability. The material of the tyre is durable and prevents "catching" stones into the tread, protecting it against other off-road risks.

Driving comfort is another feature offered to users of this tyre model. All these advantages are provided by specially shaped spherical cavities in the ribs of the tyre that have the structure of a golf ball. Their task (achieved at 100%) is to reduce noise both inside and outside the car. In addition, they reduce air resistance, cooling the tyre, which contributes to lower fuel consumption.

Nokian is a Finnish manufacturer of highest class tyres. The company is well known to drivers who opt for winter tyres reliable in the most extreme conditions. For many seasons, the company has been producing equally effective summer tyres. Nokian bases its production strategy largely on environmental solutions. It is interesting that the company created the world's first ecological tyre, based on a production process that involves environmentally friendly, low-aromatic oils.

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LINE SUV Reviews

Excellent tire for the first 20000km. Very comfortable ride, excellent handling in both dry and wet, low rolling resistance. However things change in the negative direction after 20k, even though there is plenty of tread (6mm) left. Especially the emergency braking suffers dramatically and they get noisier. Now that two of them went out of round and can't be balanced successfully, I will have to get rid of them way earlier than expected.
CompareTyres User 2019
Very, very loud and they ride hard, really hard, even at 2.2 bar (the lower limit of the tyres). You literally feel every bump on the road. I bought them last year and drove them on a Mitsubishi Outlander XL. Had to replace 3 tie-rod ends on the front suspension (2 left, 1 right) in 4 months. Also, the brakes started rattling (the holes where the slide pins go widened and changed shape from circle to ellipse). On top of that, for such a hard tyre, it wears super fast. This winter I got Michelin Pilot Alpin 4 and oh boy, the difference is night and day. They ride super quiet and very soft, a total pleasure... unlike the Nokians, which I plan to replace every minute now, because I can't stand how bad they ride.
CompareTyres User 2019
At first I was very pleased. The tires run silent with excellent grip. I use the car to make longer trips in modest speed, Rarely over 100 km/h After 1500 km three of the tires turned oval, they "separated". Sent the tires to Nokian but they did not recognize my complaint. They could see that the tires was oval but they were not to blame!? I've been driving my car the same way for 15 years, 200000 km. Not even ONE tyre has turned into an egg. With Nokian i got THREE. Never Nokian again!

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