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Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only... says...

Tyre details:

The Nokian Line offers superb handling in changeable Polish weather conditions, and its outstanding steerability and grip guarantee safe driving on both dry and wet roads. The Finnish brand has incorporated a range of innovative solutions into the tyre, including Cross-Block Sipes and Swoop Grooves, which improve steerability and grip. The Nokian Line was designed for high-output vehicles, and its superb performance combined with high levels of stability and driving precision will delight any driver looking for a tyre which delivers more than merely correct road handling.

The tyre is manufactured using the intelligent Nokian Silica compound, which maintains its characteristics over a wide range of temperatures and generates less heat during driving, resulting in an extremely slow rate of tyre wear. The tyre also features a tread wear indicator which means that its condition can be checked accurately. The Nokian-patented DSI tread wear indicator means that wear values can be read even more easily. The tyre features an asymmetric tread which helps to disperse water and maintain maximum grip, even on very wet roads. The flexible double block support on the outer shoulder ensures driving precision and improves driving comfort when going round corners, at the same time as guaranteeing driving safety in dynamic road situations.

Nokian Line came 3rd in tests for size 185/60 R14 tyres carried out in 2015.

Information of manufacturer:

Nokian is an independent Finnish tyre manufacturer founded in 1932 in the city of Nokia, and is a subsidiary of the famous mobile phone manufacturer. The company currently manufactures tyres for passenger cars, lorries, buses and specialist industrial vehicles. Nokian's flagship products are its winter tyres, which are designed for challenging Scandinavian winters. This makes them very popular among Polish drivers, who frequently face similar road conditions. The company sells most of its products abroad, and its main export markets are Russia, North America and Eastern Europe.

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Line Reviews

I am from Singapore and it is summer everyday with plenty of rain. I replaced my stock tyres, Michelin Energysaver, for the Nokian Line on my Mercedes C180 in Feb 15 and since clocked abt 10000km. The Nokian Line has got very good dry and wet grips. For the Energysaver, each time i stepped hard on my brakes on wet roads, the car's ABS would kick in and skit forward. I had many heart in mouth moments. With the Nokian Line, no such problems, fantastic grip on wet roads. The wear is also good, hardly any wear after 10000km of mainly town driving. However, as compared to the Energysaver, the Nokian Line is noisier. I supposed that is because it has better traction and i can live with it. Also, the Nokian is cheaper then the Michelins or Contis with the same performance range, i will definitely buy these tyres again if can find it in Singapore. Its quite sad there is no dealership here in my country.
CompareTyres user 2023
They are fine tyres. Can't say anything bad about grip. The only disadvantages - rolling resistance seems a bit higher than I'd like (higher fuel consumption) and seems like they wear a bit faster than I'd like to see.
CompareTyres user 2023
I fitted these to my Quattro 2.8 back in October 2015 and I have since covered about 18,000 on them. My initial impressions were really good. They seemed to make the car feel more nimble and poised on the road and the steering felt sharper and more direct and I could feel the road better. They were quiet too, far less road noise the the Coopers they replaced. I like the tread pattern as it looked like a lot of thought had gone into it. In performance terms, no complaints at all and I wanted to leave the long term review until I had experienced driving on snow. I figured that a Finnish brand would be good in inclement weather and they are indeed. These are their summer tyres and they were great in the snow! My Quattro AWD helps a lot here of course, and its worth remembering that all summer tyres will have reduced performance in the cold and snow, not just because of the tyre pattern, but the tyre compound is not designed for temps below about 10 degrees celcius. Having said all that I did notice the they started to get noisier with age, and then a few months ago I had the car up on a lift for some exhaust work and we noticed that all the tyres showed signs of perishing on and around the tread. Not on the sidewalls which would have been really bad, but even so the tyre shop reckoned that this was unacceptable for a tyre that was only three years old. There was however plenty of tread left - probably would have seen me through at least six more months, and maybe more. However with winter coming I decided to change them and I chose Avons this time. To be fair, you can find stories like this about every brand, so I am not damning Nokian really, just saying. YMMV. Will post a review on the Avons ZV7 next year after they have seen some action. I will say though that already I find them more pliant and comfortable that than the Nokians with less of a crashy ride. But also that the steering feels a bit more vague and woolly. Cant have it all eh?
CompareTyres user 2023