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Nokian is a tyre manufacturer based in Nokia, Finland. Historically known for their expertise in the production of winter tyres, they also operate the only... says...

Nokian cLine Van is a commercial tyre designed for driving in the summer season. It is designed for vans carrying light loads or even mini-buses. It’s a premium-range tyre and this ensures the best available quality for the price.

Nokian cLine Van has an asymmetric tyre pattern which makes the ride as responsive as possible and ensuring comfort. It also has a wave design. This enables a reduction in aquaplaning risk, as water is quickly removed from the body of the tyre.

Nokian cLine Van uses a block system on the tyre to reduce internal and external tyre noise. In wet conditions the tyre is optimized using a new rubber compound and this provides excellent traction in wet conditions.

Nokian cLine Van is defined by the extra stability a commercial driver needs. The lateral sidewalls are strengthened, and combined with the shoulder pads, gives a stable and comfortable drive.

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