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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s... says...

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Excellent performance on wet surfaces and stable driving: these are just two of the many advantages of Nexen ROADIAN HP. The model is equipped with a directional tread that ensures fast water drainage and provides appropriate grip regardless of weather conditions.

The designers paid attention to the even distribution of pressures, so the tread of Nexen ROADIAN HP wears slowly and gradually. This allows for the use of this at full performance throughout its life. The driver doesn’t have to worry that the performance and grip will deteriorate with each subsequent kilometre. Nexen ROADIAN HP was developed based on a modern and exceptionally resistant compound. With this, the model is resistant to mechanical damage and has an extended lifespan. This will please all the drivers who appreciate the economical aspect of their tyres and want to use Nexen ROADIAN HP for a long time. Additionally, the rubber compound used in Nexen ROADIAN HP is lightweight. With this property, it was possible to limit rolling resistance and, consequently, to achieve lower fuel consumption and areduced carbon dioxide footprint.

The optimised flat contour and special arrangement of tread grooves prevent aquaplaning and ensure a confident and stable drive. The tyre performs well on high-end vehicles and SUVs. Nexen ROADIAN HP provides a silent and comfortable drive and this is all thanks to the optimised tread pattern which dampens the sounds emitted by the tyre while driving.

Nexen is a brand which supplies its products to over 120 countries worldwide. The company specialises in the production of economy-class tyres that feature a balanced performance and affordable price. The Korean brand has been operating since 1942 and is currently focused on manufacturing tyres in accordance with the rules of ecology and using innovative procedures. Presently, the company employs over 2,000 people at its production plants.

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