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Nexen N Priz 4S

195/60 R14 86T

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About Nexen N Priz 4S

Width: 195

Profile: 60

Rim Size: R14

Speed Rating: T

Load Index: 86

Fuel Efficiency: E

Wet Grip: B

Noise Level: 72 says...

Tyre details:

The Nexen N'Priz 4S is an economy tyre that performs very well both in summer and in winter. It has been designed for everyday driving thanks to its balanced performance and good driveability on both wet and dry surfaces.

The tyre features a directional tread pattern, which is frequently selected by manufacturers on account of its performance on wet roads. Specially profiled V-shaped grooves quickly and effectively disperse water, minimising the risk of aquaplaning and ensuring that the tread dries quickly. This results in a safe driving experience and optimal grip, whatever the weather. The Nexen N'Priz 4S is made from an innovative rubber compound noted for its flexibility across a wide range of temperatures. This ensures that the tyre maintains optimal softness in winter and optimal hardness and resistance to rapid wear during the warmer months. The designers have also managed to reduce braking distances, which has also improved driver comfort and safety. The model is noted for its even distribution of pressure, which means that the tread wears slowly and evenly. The driver can therefore enjoy the tyre's full range of performance specifications for its entire lifetime without worrying about any loss of grip or a deterioration in driver comfort as mileage increases. The Nexen N'Priz 4S is ideal for drivers looking for an economical and safe all-season tyre that also guarantees safety and reliability.

Nexen is a tyre manufacturer that prides itself on over 60 years of making tyres. The brand produces economy tyres noted for their affordable price, balanced performance on any surface and economical running costs. The company name is a combination of the words "next" and "century". This reflects the company's character and its aim of developing and using innovative technology.

Nexen Npriz 4S
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