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Originally established in 1942 as Heung-A Tire, Nexen Tyre has over 50 years of tradition as a respected leader within the industry.  Acknowledged as Korea’s... says...

Durability, reliability and good performance on any type of surface are only some of the advantages of Nexen N'Fera SU1. The model is equipped with a symmetric tread that performs very well both on dry and wet surfaces. The optimised grooves quickly drain water from under the crown ply and, at the same, care for effective drying of the tread. This positively affects the reduction of aquaplaningand helps to maintain adequate grip and driving stability.

This model is developed based on a modern rubber mixture enriched with silica compounds. It provides appropriate flexibility regardless of the prevailing temperature. This results in a larger road/tread contact area which translates into better driving stability and confidence. Nexen N'Fera SU1also provides optimum distribution of pressures acting against the tyre. As a result, the tread wears slowly and evenly, allowing the use of the tyre at full performance for its whole life, without having to worry about deteriorating comfort or safety with the passing of time. The optimised tread pattern enables a reduction in braking distance and helps to improve driver-tyre communication. This translates into higher driving precision and ensures optimum steerability. The tyre also provides acoustic comfort thanks to its specially adapted tread pattern that dampens sound generated during rolling, making for a quiet and pleasurable drive. Nexen N'Fera SU1 is the perfect solution for drivers who are looking for durable and reliable tyres that perform very well on any type of surface.

Nexen is a company supplying the market with economy-class tyres. They provide a good value for money ratio, are affordable in use and show a balanced performance regardless of the weather. Many drivers all over the world rate Nexen tyres among the best in their price category. The company name derives from the words “next” and “century”.

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N Fera SU1 Reviews

I was quite suspicious of the Nexens before buying, but the seller did a good job convincing me. I had bought several tires from him before so I trusted his opinion. Switched from Michelin Pilot Sport 2 to these. A few thousand km after I'm really happy with them. Quieter than the PS2, better dry and wet grip. Perhaps the progressiveness is a bit worse than on the PS2, but it is hard to estimate well as it would need a track day, too scary to find the limit in normal traffic!
CompareTyres User 2019
HI This tire is good at handling
CompareTyres User 2019
Bought 4 new tyres for my 2009 Mazda 6 2.5 Petrol Hatchback, UK model. Payed £65 per corner, fitted. Tyre ratings are C and C. They are generally good tyres... Dry and wet grip are good, noise is low and comfort is good. After 7000 miles the fronts are at 4mm and rears at 6mm so swapped around as the car is starting to understeer badly in the wet. So, not very long lasting tyres on this Mazda and I would not buy again as the price doesn't warrant the short life and average sporting performance. Probably decent tyres for a slower, more progressive driver.

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